Get Off Your Can: America Recycles Day is Nigh!

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America Recycles Day

We are a family of recyclers. We recycle everything we can —  from your typical plastic, newspaper, glass, magazines, and cardboard to used clothing and toys. If someone can reuse it in some way, then it gets donated rather than trashed. When our local recycler quit taking cereal and paperboard boxes they went to our daycare for the kids to play with in their kitchen. In my opinion, there is enough trash floating around, so why add to it? More importantly, this is the only earth I get to leave for my children and grandchildren —  so why not keep it as clean as we can?

Recycling has become a hot topic over the past few years, and for good reason. Our earth has finite resources that unless they are renewed will cease to support us. Gone are the days when we can cut down trees willy-nilly, ignoring the fact that they are cleaning our air and providing oxygen for us to breathe. If breathing isn’t enough to get you started taking those cans and glass in, then Ecocycle gives you more than 100 reasons why recycling and green thinking is a good idea.

For further impetus, November 15th is America Recycles Day. Started in 1997, it is a day dedicated to informing and educating the public about recycling. Local organizers in the community set up events to increase awareness of recycling and keeping gently used items out of landfills. I encourage you to get involved, take the pledge, and accept the challenge. If you don’t recycle, there is no better time to start.

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