No More Crafting Tubes? Scott Says Good-bye to Cardboard

Reading Time: 1 minute
Photo: Kimberly Clark

For the crafty ones in our midst, there might be sadness in this latest announcement. But for the benefit of the environment, this might be a move in the right direction. Are we ready for toilet paper rolls with no tubes in the middle?

Some argue that it’s not the tube that’s making the dent in the rain forest. They suggest we all join much of the rest of the world in using bidets, doing away with the need for any toilet paper at all.

I’m not sure I’m ready for that move yet. Old habits die hard. As much as I enjoy a good toilet roll craft, I have to admit I’m okay with this new turn of events and would probably purchase this new product. That is, if the Kimberly Clark company doesn’t try charging me more, after taking away part of their expense.

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