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Finally! BloomSky’s SKY2 & STORM Integrates Hyperlocal Weather With Video

Finally! BloomSky’s SKY2 & STORM Integrates Hyperlocal Weather With Video

Patricia shares her thoughts about the affordable, elegant BloomSky SKY1 weather station and camera combo and chats with the company about their upcoming SKY2 and STORM. Read More


Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Be a Force of Nature

Are you a “Force of Nature”? Take the pledge to be one during National Severe Weather Preparedness Week from March 3-9th. This is the week that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has joined forces with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to educate and inspire Americans to be ready for this year’s severe weather. They have adapted the catch-phrase “Be a Force of Nature” to help Americans remember to be proactive and ready. Read More

The Weekly, Geekly Rewind: August 27, 2012

What’s Happening GeekMom Rachel recently got to poke the mind of a geek icon. Check out her interview with Gerald Casale, founding member of the band DEVO. It’s the last week before Labor Day, but don’t despair: Laura’s 35 Ways to Make Summer Last is all you need. Melissa’s adventures extend beyond the GeekMom universe,… Read More

7 Geeky Weather Facts for Your Next Trivia Night

May I introduce this list of fun, trivia-game-worthy facts that you might only hear from a meteorologist. Impress your friends at parties! Inspire your kids! There’s no end to the fun here! These facts are in no particular order, just the order they popped into my head. Nor are they adherent to any particular theme in weather history or meteorology. Enjoy! Read More

The Semantics of Weather Awareness

In the wake of last weekend’s tornado outbreak impacting Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, on ABC News, Diane Sawyer reported that there was no warning to the storms: Something terrifying took the South by surprise last night — no warning. 25 tornadoes striking in less than 24 hours. In the meteorology community, especially among some of… Read More

A Mainer’s Visit From Hurricane Irene

In Maine we prepare for power outages in the winter, whether we get 12 inches of snow, or an ice storm that candy coats everything. We stock up on batteries, canned food and frozen goods. Yes, you heard me, frozen goods: if the power goes out we can throw it in the snow bank, nature’s… Read More

Shuttle Countdown T-6 Days: Forecasting for Shuttle Launches

As GeekMom’s token meteorologist AND military member, in honor of the final shuttle mission planned for next week, I’m thrilled to share with you some insight into the weather forecast preparations for a space shuttle launch. After all, what delays launches most often?  The weather, right?  I’m not sure if a precise count exists, but… Read More

When it Rains, it Snails

To my mind, there are two great ways to spend rainy days with kids: tucked away indoors with an excess of books and quilts, or navigating the drippy wilderness looking for foul-weather creatures. My family’s wilderness happens to be an urban landscape, but if one looks closely, there’s still a wealth of wildlife to be… Read More