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Can You Tell Me How to Get to the ‘Sesame Street’ Archive?

Can You Tell Me How to Get to the ‘Sesame Street’ Archive?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image courtesy of Sesame Worksho For nearly 50 years, Sesame Street has engaged the minds of children through a television program designed specifically for a young audience. Generations of children have grown up watching Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird, the Count, and Oscar the Grouch while learning about… Read More


Kinect for Kids

  My daughter and I recently attended an event called Kinect for Kids, where we scarfed down mini-burgers and tried out the latest batch of XBox Kinect games for kids. For the longest time XBox ignored the little kid market, but now they’re poised to take a bite out of Nintendo’s market share. We only… Read More

Being Elmo

  Before my daughter had even seen a clip from Sesame Street, she knew who Elmo was. But do YOU know who Elmo is? Thanks to one of my favorite “nugget a day” websites Very Short List – you can watch the trailer for the film “Being Elmo,” the documentary about Kevin Clash, the man… Read More