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Trick or Treat Little Critter

I wanted to share a few stories about Halloween with my son so I took a look at the latest Little Critter interactive ebook – Trick or Treat. Read More


Warning! Halloween Pumpkin Guts Ahead!

My husband and I are in the middle parts of parenting still. We have two children who recently left home, one to her own apartment and one off to college, but we have two still at home. The youngest is in elementary school. So we have a bit of experience under our belt (although never… Read More

Pumpkin Carving? Bring Out the Power Tools!

A few years ago we were in a major life upheaval. When Halloween rolled around, we had just moved our gang of kids across the country, from Utah to New York, bought an old house, and were halfway through tearing it up, so we could build it back right. We had no kitchen, just a… Read More

Send Us Your Geeky Pumpkin Carvings

It’s the gourd-chopping time of year. Whether you’re planning a Captain Jack-O-Lantern Harkness or Peter Parker Pumpkin, we want to see it! Send a photo of your creation to geekmomcontests@gmail.com by Sunday, October 30, and we’ll post them on Halloween. If you need some inspiration, here’s a few to check out: Read More

My Ren Faire-Themed Wedding

There are many geeky themes you could have for your wedding. Ren Faire was the theme my husband and I chose for our wedding, which was nearly 5 years ago. My husband, Todd, and I had been dating for nearly two years when he proposed to me on my birthday. Once the euphoria of being… Read More

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Every Halloween, as we’re getting ready to carve our pumpkins, I watch The Life and Death of a Pumpkin. It’s important at this time of year to remember how many pumpkins have lost their lives to our Jack-o-lantern fun. Rest in peace, pumpkins. Or rest in pieces as the case may be. Read More

The Geeky Side of Pumpkin Carving: This Is the Droid You’re Looking For

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Best. Holiday. Ever. The kid in me still loves carving giant squash  and squishing slimy seeds between my fingers in celebration at the end of the harvest season. O, squee of squee’s! I found Noel’s Pumpkin Carving Archive, which is not only inspiring but also bountiful with carvings of geek culture icons. I don’t know… Read More

It’s Time for Extreme Pumpkins!

Last year I stumbled upon a great book called Extreme Pumpkins, by Tom Nardone, and had to immediately bring it home. To my great distress, my big kids had slowly been slipping out of the pumpkin carving tradition, labeling it as a little kid thing. Suddenly I’d found something that could bring back the magic! Read More