The Geeky Side of Pumpkin Carving: This Is the Droid You’re Looking For

Courtesy of Noel's Pumpkin Carving Archive

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Best. Holiday. Ever. The kid in me still loves carving giant squash  and squishing slimy seeds between my fingers in celebration at the end of the harvest season.

O, squee of squee’s! I found Noel’s Pumpkin Carving Archive, which is not only inspiring but also bountiful with carvings of geek culture icons. I don’t know that I’ll attempt R2-D2 anytime soon, but the Death Star looks manageable with its geometric shapes and their step-by-step tutorial. The site also features many free carving patterns, all pretty difficult but worth a try. Fun for kids and parents bored with cut-through carving an ready for more challenging techniques.

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