Warning! Halloween Pumpkin Guts Ahead!

My husband and I are in the middle parts of parenting still. We have two children who recently left home, one to her own apartment and one off to college, but we have two still at home. The youngest is in elementary school. So we have a bit of experience under our belt (although never ‘experts’!) and have learned a few things along the way."Simple Smile" Photo: Judy Berna

This post is for all the GeekMamas of precious little babies. I have a few friends in this category. Their little guys and girls will be dressed as sweet little peas in a pod, or tiny Yodas, when Monday rolls around. They’ve probably already taken the pictures of their tiny pumpkin babies and posted them on Facebook and family share sites. We all oooh and ahhh and remember…remember back when.

Back when the fine art of pumpkin carving with the kids didn’t end up like this.

"Art of Imitation" Photo: Judy BernaOr this.

"Hatchet Job" Photo: Judy Berna

I encourage free expression when it comes to art. So I let my boys carve whatever they want, supervising the sharp utensils carefully. And this is generally what they come up with, some version of this theme.

"Vomit on the Porch" Photo: Judy Berna

So GeekMamas of little boys, and awesome out-of-the-box-thinking girls, who are still happy to carve a toothless smile and wide innocent eyes in their jack-o-lanterns – be warned. Enjoy the years when the guts of the pumpkin don’t play a roll in the final product.

"Guts and Glory" Photo: Judy Berna

But it’s Halloween, a kid’s holiday. And in the end, this is what it’s really about, right? Happy smiles all around!

"Happy Halloweens" Photo: Judy Berna
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