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GeekMom Deal of the Day: Kindle Under Fifty

GeekMom Deal of the Day: Kindle Under Fifty

The $49.99 Kindle is our deal of the day. Read More


OGIO Manhattan Bag Review

OGIO Manhattan Bag Review

Bags are one of my geeky pleasures. Lately, I’ve been checking out the Ogio: Brooklyn. It’s a simple messenger bag and thanks to my geeky button collection, I was able to give a little bit of a face lift. Underneath the Superman, Flash and Batman buttons is actually three regular buttons that once you undo, lets you access a hidden pocket under the flap. Read More

Bio of Nobel Prize Winner Barbara McClintock Free on Kindle This Weekend

Geneticist Barbara McClintock, whose birthday we GeekMom types celebrate on June 16, won a Nobel Prize in 1983 for her discovery (decades earlier) that small pieces of DNA can move from one place to another in a genome–a phenomenon known as “jumping genes.” Her biography, Barbara McClintock: Nobel Prize Geneticist, written by children’s book author… Read More

Amazon Unveils The Kindle Fire, Complete With Geek Content, And Three New Kindles

This morning Amazon officially announced its much-awaited Android-based tablet, the Kindle Fire. The big news is that at $199, it’s half the price of the cheapest iPad and nearly as cheap as the $149 TouchPads that went flying off shelves when HP discontinued support last month. The Kindle Fire will have a 7″ display ready… Read More

Library eBooks Coming Soon to a Kindle Near You

Last summer I wrestled mightily with the biggest question of the year: Kindle or Nook? Ultimately, I went with a Kindle because I do a lot of book reviewing, and I knew I’d be able to read review copies of new books on Kindle via Netgalley. This was a tremendous relief to my children, who… Read More

The End of Borders

It has been buzzing all over the web that Borders is going to be closing the rest of their stores and liquidating all of their assets. I’ve read that the reasoning for the closing Borders not being able to enter into the eReader market and the downswing in the economy. The market for books is… Read More

Tips for Using Your New Kindle

I noticed from Facebook and Twitter posts over the last week that a lot of my friends got Kindles for Christmas. And so naturally, they were all looking to the veteran owners for what to do with them. Here’s what I’ve been telling them–and now you. Lend your books You can lend Kindle books you’ve… Read More

Caution! Get All the Facts Before You Get Your eReader!

As the holiday season approaches, and you make the list of all the new tech gadgets you’d like to find under the tree, let me offer one suggestion. Do the research on that iPad, play around with the Sony Reader and that amazing new Kindle, but then do one more thing: Go to the website… Read More