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Tabletop Game: ‘Double Feature’

Tabletop Game: ‘Double Feature’

This not-quite-trivia game requires players to come up with movies that meet ever-evolving requirements. “All you need to know are the movies you’ve seen!” Read More


Happy Birthday, John Kovalic!

Today is the birthday of the talented and awesome John Kovalic. John has long been a friend to our companion site, GeekDad, as well as adored by millions from his webcomic Dork Tower, and his many, many games from Out of the Box Games (Apples to Apples, anyone?) and Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin!!). I happen… Read More

Maker Faire 2011, San Mateo: Wrap-Up

This was my third year attending Maker Faire and helping at the GeekDad booth (this year, the GeekDad/GeekMom booth!). Every year is different. Our booth and the Faire have only grown each year, but the experience has also been fundamentally different each time. The first year I attended (2009), we had a lot of things… Read More