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Dakster Sullivan is still without her car this weekend, so instead she will be dreaming up another adventure. This weekend, she plans to head over to LA to watch a taping of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She hopes to meet the cast when they’re done and take a tour of the Nickelodeon Studios. Afterwards, she will strap on her roller-blades and roll out and around the city. For lunch she plans on hitting up Clifton’s Cafeteria because Google said it was good.

This week Sarah was reintroduced to the world of hiking in Maine after a very long winter. A partially frozen swamp of a hike, two tired boys and we are well on our way to Spring. She is eagerly planning the dress she will be making for PortCon and just has to decide whether it should be Star Trek or Star Wars fabric. Place your bets now with hashtag #mainemummy. This weekend there will be much rejoicing at a sudden but wonderful wedding between two friends, there will also hopefully be a late night showing of Jurassic Park after the reception!

Ariane is back from a last minute trip to her hometown, Montreal, Canada. She went for a funeral, but apparently grieving and eating too much junk food are not mutually exclusive. Poutines, chocolates, Coffee Crisps, May Wests, and ketchup chips were had plentifully. Her preschooler’s reaction to seeing snow for the first time was not as exciting as everyone expected, she simply exclaimed “I’m cold. I want to go home. Carry me.” Both were happy to return to the warmer climates of California. Weaklings.

Kelly Knox may have taken her love of America’s Best Dance Crew a little too far by signing up her four-year-old for a break-dancing class. The class is aimed at getting toddlers and preschoolers exercising by exploring movement, and to Kelly’s delight is taught by Dance Crew alum Massive Monkees. Kelly plans to geek out while her kiddo works out.

This week Patricia over-committed herself once again. This weekend she has three big events she somehow has to juggle: the base spouses’ club auction (about which she has to thank Dakster for her help getting some autographed swag from Megacon), running a Cub Scout campout on the battleship USS Alabama in Mobile, all while having a yard sale. What the heck was she thinking????

Melissa Wiley has launched a monthly email newsletter for parents, teachers, librarians, and homeschoolers. She’ll be sharing children’s book recommendations, app reviews, fun learning resources, and more. Here’s a peek at the April edition. You can sign up at this link.

Jules Sherred‘s week has been a blur of frenzied activity. As a result, Jules is extra-happy to be able to call this week done, and sit down to have a conversation with John Kovalic of GeekDad/Dork Tower/Munchkin fame at 7 pm PT/ 10 pm ET on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show at The Look 24/7.

Kris Bordessa is putting one more parenting milestone behind her. No more of those teeny, tiny rubber bands under the couch, in the laundry, or on the floor. Her youngest son’s braces are off!

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