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Four Amazing, Educational Apps for Older Kids

Four Amazing, Educational Apps for Older Kids

My eight-year-old son and I have spent the last few months trying out several apps aimed at older children. Here we share four he has enjoyed. Read More


Wombi Monsters Teach Letters, Numbers, & Shapes to Pre-Schoolers

Last year my son started at our local pre-school and ever since his appetite for knowledge has simply grown and grown. Every day he points out letters, number, and shapes around our home or on the street and asks what they are. He’s even asked for phonics books as his bedtime story. It’s something I want to encourage and so when Wombi released a new series of three Monster apps that teach letters, shapes, and numbers I was eager to see what he would make of them. Read More

Welcome Back Reading Rainbow, We Missed You!

When I was in school, Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite TV shows. The signature theme song would get stuck in my head for most of the day after watching whichever episode my teacher put on for us. Levar Burton felt like a friend I had met in the library and I looked forward to the books he would use in each episode. The thing I really liked about Levar was how excited and eager he was to read each book. I feel like his enthusiasm to read rubbed of on me a little bit. Read More

Father’s Day Gifts with Ulterior Motives: iGrill

On Mother’s Day, they tend to advertise a lot of things like vacuums and ironing boards. I think that’s a little mean. It’s like giving someone a gift that says, “Clean my house!” I’ll admit that I’m occasionally guilty of doing this for Father’s Day, although my gifts usually say “Cook for me!” He likes cooking, and I like eating, so I refuse to feel guilty about it. This year, I received a review model of the iDevices iGrill, and I wanted to see if it qualifies as good gift encouragement for tasty smoked meats. Read More

Review: Tango Chase Arcade-Style iOS Game

Tango Chase, Image: Herotainment You may already be familiar with Herotopia, the online game that lets kids create their very own superhero and fight bullies in a kid-safe virtual world. The creators have branched out with their first iOS game for iPad and iPhone based around one of the game’s popular sidekicks, Tango the orangutan. Tango Chase is a bit like a… Read More