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CKO Day 2: New Instructor. New Way of Learning.

CKO Day 2: New Instructor. New Way of Learning.

My second class came sooner than I think I was ready, but mentally I needed to be in the game and in the game I was putting myself. So back to CKO I went the next day. Read More


BodyMedia Gives the Raw Data

Last week I reviewed the Striiv, and this week I’ll look at the BodyMedia FIT system. Full disclosure: I was provided with a review unit of the CORE system for this evaluation. The BodyMedia FIT CORE  is available from Amazon and other stores starting at $143 for the basic device, but it’s worth it for the slight upgrade… Read More

Striiv Is Motivating

I just got back from CES, and boy is it great to be back where there aren’t over 150,000 people competing for Internet access. As it turned out, I walked close to two marathons in Las Vegas during during my week at the show. Lots of people asked me what cool things I’d seen at… Read More

Health and Fitness Week at GeekMom

  It is ironic that I am the one writing the introduction to GeekMom’s “Health and Fitness Week,” because with all of the things that I can claim legitimate geek cred for, “health geek” is not one of them. I regularly indulge my salt and chocolate cravings, often drink half a carafe of coffee before… Read More