Christmas Fitness: Get Moving Before the Resolution

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I know most people start their fitness odyssey right after the holidays, hence all the sales on fitness equipment and gym memberships. However, always one to buck the norm, I have decided to start before Christmas. As in right now. Today. My hubby began his journey over a year ago now and has lost 50 pounds. He looks amazing and has so much more energy than before. Which has been great because since the birth of our second munchkin he needs all he can get. So it is time I start moving again so I can be around as long as possible for my kids and to set an example for them and others.

So here is my plan:

  • I will blog about it so it is out there. I can’t take it back now. I have outed myself to the readers of GeekMom and hopefully you all will help keep me honest.
  • I have started a new habit via habitforge. According to research, it takes a minimum of twenty one days to form a habit. Habitforge allows you to set a goal and they send you a customized daily email asking how you did. You tell it yes or no. It is that simple. If you tell it no, your twenty one days starts over. So the theory is if you tell it yes for 21 days, you have a new habit. They have a ton of categories ranging from health/fitness to arts/photography to bed times. I think I may need a goal there too.
  • I have always loved to lift weights so I am planning to join Planet Fitness that is opening a gym near our house. They are a bare bones kind of gym that doesn’t provide childcare and such but they have what I need. Weight machines and treadmills for those freezing cold and super hot days.
  • I will log my exercise sessions via Dailymile. It lets you track your workouts, anything from running to cross country skiing to yoga. You can input the map of where you ran and it will tell you your distance covered. You can share your workouts with friends also to help keep each other motivated and even compete against each other. Definitely not there yet. There is an area to add photos, videos, and you can sync the data with certain Garmin and Nike devices. I am sure there is lots more you can do with this site, but I’m still learning.
  • I will continue watching The Biggest Loser. I love that show and am a Biggest Loser groupie. It is very motivating to see people heavier than I am working their butts off and seeing them succeed as well as fail. It is also good to know that everyone has those days when they fall off the wagon and ate a whole bag of Oreos.

Ok, who is with me? What is important is getting moving again. Remind me of that the day after Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Fitness: Get Moving Before the Resolution

  1. YAY! I’m so excited for you! The video of your husband was wonderful. He looks great and it’s very inspiring. I’m like him, thinking ‘this’ is the heaviest I ever want to be. So…I’m with you. I’ve already committed to weighing in at my doc’s office every Monday. That starts Dec 27th. I need to be 30 pounds lighter and a whole lot ‘stronger’, so my goal is to look very different by Easter.
    Let’s do this thing, sister!


    1. Seriously Judy! Let’s do it! I have managed to exercise every other day, which has been my goal. I am having a bit of trouble with Daily Mile and getting it to work. The real test is not gaining over Christmas, but I think if I can stick with my exercise that shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Good for you! I’m looking forward to reading your progress. You CAN do it, and you and your family deserve nothing less. 🙂

        Hubby and I started C2K5K about 9 months ago after I realized 6 kids left me chubby and tired. What a ride! It’s amazing how empowering it is to find yourself doing things you thought nearly impossible. What started out as a weight-loss goal has become so much more.

        I’ve shared the adrenaline rush with other friends who have started running, and am now training for the OKC Memorial Half-Marathon. (BTW, training over the holidays is a GREAT way to avoid the New Years’ regrets!)

        Keep up the good work! The gift you give yourself and your kids in the process is priceless.

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