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7 Things About the SevenHugs HugOne

7 Things About the SevenHugs HugOne

SevenHugs HugOne Sleep Monitor gathers lots of data. Doing something with it is up to you. Read More


Geek Celebrates Hanukkah With Science: Day Three

Unconventional holiday traditions are fun for the whole family! So far this year, my family has celebrated Hanukkah by launching rockets indoors and constructing small boats in order to sink them. Today we’re delving deeper, into the very language of science. That’s right; it’s math time. Roger Bacon said, “Mathematics is the gate and key… Read More

Into Data Visualization? Here’s Some Catnip.

Holy crap, people. I’m in shock. How have I not discovered visualizing.org until now? It’s an open playground for data visualization geeks like me. Ever sweated over how to make the data in your PowerPoint chart more eye-catching? Well, the data visualizations on this site catch eyes, suck them out of their sockets, and send… Read More