Into Data Visualization? Here’s Some Catnip.

Kate Miller

Holy crap, people. I’m in shock. How have I not discovered until now? It’s an open playground for data visualization geeks like me.

Ever sweated over how to make the data in your PowerPoint chart more eye-catching? Well, the data visualizations on this site catch eyes, suck them out of their sockets, and send them on a ride they’ll never forget. Get ready for some crazy, unthinkably fresh ways of looking at data. But watch out. Once you cross the event horizon, you can never escape.

The site was launched by Seed Magazine and GE. Anybody can upload their visualizations of any data at all, and they’ve got a couple of contests running. (Anybody want to win three grand by visualizing the relationship between green space and public health?) The site is all socially networked out the wazoo, beautifully designed, under Creative Commons license, and blinged out with the standard open-source information-revolution vibe.

Oh, and they’ve got an editor’s position open. This, friends, is my dream job.

For those celebrating Christmas today, this site is a perfect way to, say, avoid your in-laws. Or endure your post-turkey coma. Try it.

For those not celebrating Christmas today, you have no excuse. Get over there.

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