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GeekMom Review Roundup: 50+ Educational Games, Activities, and Apps

GeekMom Review Roundup: 50+ Educational Games, Activities, and Apps

I have reviewed dozens of educational apps, games, activity books and more, here is a roundup of over 50 of these, organized by subject. Read More


Loops, Recursion, and Big-O Notation With Computational Fairy Tales

A new book by author Jeremy Kubica, called Computational Fairy Tales, introduces dozens of aspects of computational design. Aimed at junior high and high school students, it gives an overview of these aspects, whetting the appetite to learn more. Using analogies from fairy tales, Mr. Kubica inspires readers to take in each concept and then extend their learning on their own. The book gives a starting point for kids to learn more about the parts that interest them Read More

Khan Academy Adds Computer Science Courses

Exciting news for kids, parents, and autodidacts everywhere! Khan Academy, the innovative online platform that brings free education to the masses, has added computer science to their already stellar lineup of subjects. John Resig, Khan Academy’s Dean of Computer Science, describes the new offerings on his blog: We’re releasing a completely new platform that targets… Read More

WANTED: Rosie the Programmer

It’s a pretty uniform feeling among geeks with daughters: We want to raise strong, smart, independent girls who can stand above stereotypes. So when I’m faced with marketing geared toward girls, I feel a mixture of emotions. Part of me is excited to see something cute and girly, and part of me is outraged at… Read More