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Bias on a Budget Halloween Edition: ATEEZ’s “Halazia” Scarecrow

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If you look at the homes of many people who like to dress up their lawns for Halloween, you might notice the philosophy of “you can’t have too many skeletons or scarecrows.”

 I sort of share that sentiment. Little by little each year, there’s a new addition to our family.

We’ve created scarecrows from Tim Burton movies like Sleepy Hallow and The Nightmare Before Christmas and skeletons inspired by Army of Darkness and Skulduggery Pleasant.

This year, we’re adding another to the scarecrow community, inspired by a more musical source: the K-Pop group ATEEZ.

This scarecrow is something ATEEZ fans (ATINYs) know well, and he has a little of a backstory. As far as I can gather, this is a very condensed version of his meaning, and I apologize if my theories are not perfect:

The scarecrow is a primary visual in ATEEZ’s popular video for the song “Halazia.”

The story shows the members of ATEEZ trying to return hope to a dystopian future devoid of emotion and creative expression, like music. This scarecrow, which looks a lot like ATEEZ’s “Halateez” style (see my black K-Pop hat mod), is likely the death of Halateez and the resurrection of the new ATEEZ. Scarecrows can be a symbol of the death and rebirth of crops, so there you have it.

…but I’m getting too deep.

There is so, so much more to this story from diary entries to fan theories. There are “A” and “Z” dimensions and spin-off tales, and I encourage anyone interested in learning more to dive into this cool still-unfolding saga.

For now, we’re just going to concentrate on the cool, creepy scarecrow during the spooky season.

Even if you don’t have any interest in the group, this is a great goth-y prop for Halloween. It is very easy to recreate him, without glue or sewing.

You will need:

  • One wooden dowel (about 4 to 5 feet long) 
  • Wooden stand-up Christmas tree, about 5 feet high (available in the holiday section of the craft store)
  • Styrofoam head wig stand 
  • A very cheap black hooded cloak (we found one at a dollar store for $5)
  • An old black-brimmed hat
  • Some gold or silver chains or beads (like old costume jewelry or party beads)
  • Yellow ribbon, straw or fake dead vines, and dead tree branch pieces.

The construction is simple. Place the wig stand on the top of the tree, then tie the wooden pole together with simple twine in a cross shape. Don’t glue it or nail it so you can remove the arms for storage easier. Tip: if you can’t find a wooden tree, use a wooden pole (like a mop handle) in a small tree stand.

Drape the cloak over the head, overlap the front, and tie the neck. Drape the cloak over the “arms” of the cross. If you need a second piece of black cloth for the front, simply drape it. Tie a piece of ribbon or straw around the neck of the hood-covered wig stand head to hold it in place.

To start your scarecrow, place the wig head on the stand, and tie the wooden “arms” dowel onto it. Tie small branch pieces at the end, and drape a cloak over it. Don’t forget a cheap costume black hat.

Add the straw and twig elements. Tie the tree limbs on the ends of the arm poles for creepy fingers, and tie vines, straw, or branches down the front of the pole.

If you want to “age” it before adding the chains, hit it lightly with some light brown or grey paint on the face, keeping the areas around the eyes black for a kind of skeletal effect. You can cut up the edges of the cloak to look more torn and weathered, as well.

Age your scarecrow with some brown paint, and drape chains around the head and face.

Drape some chains over the face and arms as you like. This depends on what you have and how much you want to spend on the chains. An easy way to drape them around the face is by cutting a few small holes in the cloth on both sides of the head and running the chains through.

Finally, add the hat. Get one with a good strap in case it gets a little breezy if you place him out of the elements.

A very different scarecrow with a goth twist, even if you don’t recognize his famous place in K-Pop. All images: Lisa Tate

This is a setup you can easily take apart and store each year. Of course, if you’re an ATINY like my daughter, you might try to find someplace in your room to keep him up year-round.

I fear that will be the case for us. It looks like this scarecrow will standing in my daughter’s room reminding the world to keep music, passion, and the creative spirit in our lives.

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