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Make an Easy ‘M3GAN’-Inspired Patchwork Valentine


I’m making this the Valentine’s Day of the creepy girl, and last week I showed you how to give an inexpensive heart-shaped candy container a Wednesday Addams-inspired makeover.

This week, we’ll pick up a couple more of those cheap containers, and turn to another creepy “friend” you don’t want to come across on a bad day: M3GAN.

The M3GAN doll (short for Model 3 Generative Android) is every lonely young kid’s new best and most loyal friend. Perhaps she’s a little too loyal. Don’t make her mad.

Like most creepy girls of pop culture, M3GAN certainly has her own distinct style, and it can be easily recognized by colors and patterns. Of course, these patterns aren’t just limited to creepy girls. You can easily tell the difference between Chucky and Trick ‘r Treat’s Samhain just by looking at a swatch of cloth.

This easy DIY is all about patterns by putting an easy patchwork upgrade on a Valentine’s candy box.

Grab some paper and markers and get ready to transform your hearts.

All you will need for this DIY is some plain white drawing paper and plenty of markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Use whatever is available.

Now, let’s look at M3GAN’s colors. She kind of reminds me of a circa 1970s flight attendant, which may be part of the retro design choice. There are solid white and beige colors, mixed in with some grey and white striped sleeves, and a blue, yellow, and brown striped scarf/bow. Sometimes, she’ll have a nice brown or navy blue coat. She doesn’t want to get cold when she’s stalking bullies, after all.

Grab about a fourth of a sheet of paper for each of these colors and patterns (you won’t need much), and just color and draw that pattern over the entire sheet. Now, cut each paper into irregular pieces. You have some little patchwork pieces ready to go.

Color several pieces of plain paper with the different recognizable patterns from M3GAN’s outfit, cut them into small pieces, and glue them in a patchwork pattern on the heart, overhanging the edge. Cut around the edge for a tidy finish.

Adding glue to the back of each piece while you go, begin covering the entire front of the heart in a patchwork quilt-like pattern. Don’t worry about getting them right at the edge. Let the pieces hang over the edge, and trim them off once you are finished. That will look nice and tidy.

You can call it good at this point, or you can cover it with a small layer of watered-down school glue or decoupage glue. To give it more depth, you can give it a “cell-shaded” appearance by tracing the edges with a black felt tip marker.

Just a simple felt tip marker around the edges will bring out the design with a cel-shaded look.

Anyone who is a fan of the movie M3GAN, or even familiar with it, should recognize who it is representing by looking at these colors and patterns. That’s the power of good design.

You can even make other “creepy girl” variations, all of which have their own color schemes and familiar patterns. For example, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, The Shining twins, or any of the Monster High dolls have more than just black goth outfits.

If you have more than one creepy girl fan you are making valentines for, try different designs, and let everyone pick the favorite they recognize.


Whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to let those creepy kids in your life know how cool—and colorful—they all are.

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