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Welcome to How To Be A Super____Mom! From crafts and recipes to fun toys and adventures, here are ways to take your child’s fandom and make it even more fun!

This has been the summer of Minecraft. It started with the other nine year old boys at school; I overheard whispers of pickaxes, Steves and creepers and suddenly before I knew it, every child I knew was obsessed with the game, my kids included. I’m pretty sure they’ll now see the entire world in pixels.

The creativity, building, and engineering of the game makes it a lot of fun and a great way to stretch creative muscles.

Here are a few ways to encourage your child’s Minecraft fandom!

minecraft food2
image: Made By A Princess Parties in Style
minecraft food
image: Made By A Princess Parties in Style

1. Minecraft snacks

Whether it’s for a party or a play-date, there are so many ways to make Minecraft edible! Check out these brilliant ideas for coal, gold, and diamond and even more amazing Minecraft treats!

image: ThinkGeek

2. Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus

While your kids spend time whittling away at all those pixels, why not do it in style with an actual mini pickaxe stylus!

minecraft bag
image: pinterest

3.  Minecraft bags

Just a few simple strips of black tape or construction paper on a green sack and you have your very own custom Creeper bag. Easy to make for party favor bags or even sack lunches for school.

minecraft avengers

4. Minecraft inspired tee

Who doesn’t love Minecraft and comics? This pixelated Avengers tee is reminiscent of Minecraft and no doubt it will be inspiration to create your own Avengers skins. Can’t you just see a Minecraft Hulk running around smashing everything in sight?!

lego minecraft
image: Lego

5. Minecraft Lego

Yep, your mind is blown. Two great things that go great together. When I was at Comic Con in July I got to preview these amazing new toys and you can bet every kid and their parent went wild for them. The perfect gift for your little Minecraft and Lego fan!

What activities and crafts have you and your kids come up with to support your Minecraft fandom? We would love to hear!

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3 thoughts on “How To Be A Super Minecraft Mom

  1. I made a minecraft cake by using food coloring to color sugar cubes. Then I put them on top of the cake to make a creeper. Then I took another cake, frosted it in white and used red cubes to make a minecraft cake. Love the ideas!

  2. Perler beads are perfect for pixelated projects! My kids have made Steve, Creepers, torches, ingots, pickaxes, swords, and other Minecraft objects out of Perler beads. You can find patterns easily by searching for “Minecraft [whatever you want] Perler bead”

  3. I knew we were in deep when I overheard my eight-year-old talking about obsidian and bedrock one day out of the blue. To have a Lego component for Minecraft is indeed mind-blowing!

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