Five More Mini and Tabletop Accessory Creators Our Family Recommends

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Last week, I present four mini and prop creators my family loves when it comes down to 3D printing for cosplay props, and tabletop gaming minis/terrain. Our list does not end with those four, however, as discovering cool new creators is truly a never-ending quest. This week, I would like to add five more creators I think you should check out. 

As before, I will note which creators make things that are more FDM versus resin printing friendly. I would like to also add that if you do not own a 3D printer of your own, please make certain you are supporting the creators by buying printed objects ethically. That means following links they provide on where to buy their minis or checking a print shop’s listings or about information to make certain they bought the license to print and sell these items. Creators deserve fair compensation for their work! As before, none of the creators here asked me to cover or review their products and none of them were given a heads-up that they would be featured on this list. So if your painting pile of shame isn’t too backed up already, consider checking out these creators.

Tabletop Terrain

A Canadian based of designers who have created a number of amazing Kickstarted collections, our first backing did not disappoint. Their sets have included amazing multistory buildings layered so that you can access each level with a fair amount of scatter terrain to accent things. If you have a vision of creating an entire fantasy based village or two, this is a great place to start. Their buildings and scatter terrain are FDM-friendly, although some may want to FDM print the buildings and large terrain but resin print the scatter. They have late backer options for their completed campaigns, and turn-around time for their files including unlocked stretch goals has been solid. I highly recommend adding their sets to your STL file collections. 

Stormcrow Scenery

So far, Stormcrow Scenery has only released one major file set, Stormcrow Mansion, but the job they did on it and their attention to little details were so good that it makes me extra excited to see what they come out with next (especially as their Facebook group includes amazing pictures of completed Stormcrow Mansions). Details included covers for the rooms so their contents are a mystery to players until they are revealed, built in recesses for lighting, windows designed to use plastic sheeting for glass, and flooring designed in a way to hide where multiple pieces have been joined to create a room. Stormcrow Mansion itself is perfect for anyone who embraces their inner Wednesday Addams, Scooby Gang, or feels deep down that Halloween is a state being and not just a particular day at the end of October. Highly FDM-friendly but people with resin printers may wish to print the scatter in resin. 

Cast n Play

Designers of some amazing mini collections, Cast n Play is newer to my collection but not new to the mini creator scene. Each month they offer a new themed collection including a large number of detailed minis, bases, and often matching terrain and scatter pieces. Their higher subscriber level includes a PDF 5e adventure and access to some throwback models. If that’s not enough, they’ve launched numerous crowdfunded collections including an Interior Terrain one which I really love. The themes range from things commonly seen on tabletops (like dragons, pirates, or a wizard tower) but also include some more unique collections (last month had space hippos). If you paint just to have fun things to paint, you’ll get some really cool unique bits, if you print for playing with, some collections will give you more than others. Whatever you do get will be awesome, although I do recommend resin printing for these minis and their detail level. For those of you who love animal companions, animal-based characters, or play druids, do check out their newest crowdfunding campaign Cornelia’s Magnificent Account of Companions. Their lower subscription tier is $9 a month and their higher one is $13 a month with the first month including a Welcome Pack, and subscribers getting a discount on previous releases (which was super generous during Black Friday sales this past year).

World Forge Miniatures

Newer to the creating world and my list, World Forge Miniatures focuses more on terrain that can create amazing scenes and dioramas. Their market collections pulled me in first, but they’ve also got a lovely library and some really fun carnival collections too. While there are things tabletop gamers would easily recognize (psuedodragons!), there are also some fun other bits that are more unique (bunnicorns are apparently a thing and I need to print an army of them). Some people might want to print larger bits on an FDM, but they’ve actually designed everything to be resin printer-friendly as well. This year, they’ve offered some very generous throwback collections each month along with their regular subscriptions too. A monthly subscription is $9 a month and includes a Welcome Pack in the first month as well as a discount on previous releases. 

Fates End

Fates End is mostly known for doing gaming accessories like dice towers, dice vaults, and other fun accessories. I regularly game with one of their dice towers and did a write-up about their spell card holder which I am very fond of. A number of their dice towers are character class-specific, and I’ve printed and painted a few of them to gift to my kids and players accordingly. Their stuff is highly FDM-friendly, and some may be too big for all but the larger resin printers. The detail level even off of an FDM is great though. They have started off with Kickstarting things, but if you missed those you can also get them through their monthly subscription. Their monthly subscriptions run at $10 a month and include a Welcome Pack and a discount on previous releases. They also have been announcing another Kickstarter coming soon for some additional smaller dice towers.

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