‘Jurassic World Evolution 2’ Adds Late Cretaceous DLC & Update 4

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 has released yet another new content pack for the game. Named the Late Cretaceous Pack, this DLC includes four new species for your park so let’s take a look.

As with the Early Cretaceous Pack that was released almost a whole year ago back in December 2021, the Late Cretaceous Pack also features one marine species, one flying species, and two land species, although this time we’re getting both a herbivore and a carnivore on land.

Alamosaurus, Screenshots Sophie Brown
Alamosaurus, Screenshots Sophie Brown


One of the largest dinosaurs discovered so far, Alamosaurus is an enormous herbivore with spikes on its body and neck. This one will make even your biggest sauropods look tiny in comparison!

Australovenator, Screenshots Sophie Brown
Australovenator, Screenshots Sophie Brown


A carnivorous dinosaur with flexible arms and distinct markings, Australovenator is a colorful addition to the parks.

Barbaridactylus, Screenshots Sophie Brown
Barbaridactylus, Screenshots Sophie Brown


Barbaridactylus has an impressive crest that will help it to stand out when added to your aviary.

Styxosaurus, Screenshots Sophie Brown
Styxosaurus, Screenshots Sophie Brown


Probably the most unique-looking addition in this DLC Pack, Styxosaurus is a serpentine aquatic predator that you can also modify to show off bioluminescent patterns.

Update Four

As in the past, Frontier has released this new content pack at the same time as a free game-wide update for all players. As with all updates, there’s a lot of new content, and changes in this update but here are a few key features:

  • Wake up tranquilized dinosaurs directly or via task assignment using Stimulant Darts.
  • Escaped flying reptiles can attack and destroy capture teams.
  • Marine reptiles that are uncomfortable can attack lagoon walls.
  • The light color can be changed on some decorations.
  • New land-based decorations including Jurassic Park banners.
  • Lagoons can be decorated with objects at the bottom and around the edges.

You can read all the details including dozens of tweaks to the UI, balances, and settings over in the update notes on the Jurassic World Evolution 2 website where you can also find purchase links for the new DLC across all supported platforms.

As with previous content-only DLC packs, the Late Cretaceous Pack technically adds little to the game but dedicated players will still appreciate having yet more species available for their parks. My favorite addition in this pack is easily the Styxosaurus for its unique looks but all four of these new species add variety to existing parks.

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