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Flipsi Puzzles: The Haunted House

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Last month, I looked at the first two puzzles in the Flipsi Puzzles “Haunted Places and What Lurks Within…” series. Today, as we approach Halloween, I wanted to share the third and final puzzle in the series: the Haunted House.

The Haunted House was by far my favorite of the three Flipsi Puzzles so far, and the only one in portrait orientation too. The puzzle itself was one of the trickiest to complete – primarily down to all that frosted grass at the bottom and the surprisingly difficult wooden cladding on the building itself – but it wasn’t frustratingly hard and only took a couple of days to complete while working on and off. 

Haunted House, Image Sophie Brown
Haunted House, Image Sophie Brown

What made the Haunted House puzzle my favorite was both the initial design as seen here and the reveal. As with all the puzzles in the series, the hidden design on the reverse is a photo-realistic scene that could come straight from a horror movie, but I found this one to be especially impressive and downright scary, to the point where I’d advise not sharing that particular secret with young or easily spooked kids! As with the others, I won’t be revealing the hidden secret here, but it’s straight from a nightmare!

If you love puzzles and horror then the “Haunted Places and What Lurks Within…” series are well worth your time. If you want to discover the secrets for yourself, pick them up directly from the Flipsi Puzzles website.

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