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Ruggable makes machine washable rug covers that stand up to pet accidents, stains, and spills. Using the special Ruggable back padding, the rug stays put. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than a cool piece of functional decor for my living space. While the new Toy Story line is flat-out amazing, my husband and I fell in love with the Star Wars collaboration


There are two pieces to a Ruggable. The first is the nonslip backing and the second is the cover. The cover is what is machine washable (even the 9×12 rug). The covers are interchangeable with the backing.

What Does It Come With?

Ruggable Star Wars Line \ Image: Ruggable
Ruggable Star Wars Line \ Image: Ruggable

When you purchase your first Ruggable, you will need to purchase the backing. By default, the website adds the backing for you, with the option of classic or padded. If you have a Ruggable already and you just want to swap out the cover, you can click the box under the padding stating you already have a pad and just need the cover.

When I priced out my rug, the Rebellion Rug (5×7), with the classic padding, the cost was $239. If I removed the padding option, it dropped to $150. If the cost scares you like Darth Vader in Rogue One, it might give you some peace of mind to know that Ruggable accepts Afterpay, which allows you to pay for your purchase in four payments (no interest).

In the box, you will get the padding, cover, and a flyer with detailed instructions and a QR code for a video for a visual demonstration.

Initial Thoughts

I found the setup to be very easy. The padding has velcro that allows it to stick to the rug and keep it in place. The rug itself is a low pile and collects dirt rather well, keeping it off my tile and from being tracked all around my house.

When I detached the rug from the padding, it was easy enough to put it in the washer, the dryer, and then back on the padding.

Quality Rugs and Quality Customer Service

Ruggable Toy Story Line \ Image: Ruggable
Ruggable Toy Story Line \ Image: Ruggable

I love how easy it is to wash and then lay back in place. The velcro padding does a great job of not moving around on my floor and keeping the cover where it should.

Initially, I had a problem with my rug. It was not cut to the right size and, as a result, the pattern was not as expected. I reached out to customer support chat on Ruggable’s website and they were quick to fix the issue. I had a new rug, cut the correct size with the correct pattern, at my house in less than two weeks.

Final Thoughts

My excitement over my Ruggable only increased when I realized they have a holidays line and I could swap out my rug to match my decor for the season. Halloween is going to be amazing this year! And this Pluto doormat might just end up at my house this Christmas.

Ruggables come in various sizes and styles including area, runners, and round. Sizes start at 2×3 and go up to 9×12.

If you find that your rug doesn’t fit your space, they have a 30-day return policy that you can check out on their website.

To purchase your own Ruggable, head over to their website. They have a wide range of styles and collaborations to suit any geeky household. Prices start around $89 and go up depending on size and style.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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