The Force Is With the Yogibo ‘Star Wars’ Collection


The Force is with the Yogibo Star Wars collection. I’ve checked out their regular short bean bag chair in the past, and my little rebel heart was filled with joy when I was sent a piece from the Star Wars line to check out.

Yogibo Features

  • Washable covers
  • Pet claw friendly
  • Lightweight and small footprint (only about 14 lbs and takes up 4 sq ft of space)
  • It conforms to your body and jumps back to its natural shape when you stand up

Available Options

The Star Wars line comes in rebel pilot colors—orange and grey—and the Empire—purple and black. Styles include:

The short is a good size for your average height individual. My son is 6ft 1in, and he lounges on it just fine. Of course, his feet hang off the end when he lays down on it, but it’s still quite comfy. If you want something to hold a few more people, the Max can hold up to four people comfortably.

What I Like About Yogibo

Bakster approves Yogibo Star Wars \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Red Five standing by! Bakster Stockman approves Yogibo ‘Star Wars’ \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

I was sent the Star Wars Yogibo Lounger – Skywalker Edition (retail $239) and could not be happier. It’s added a stylish piece of the force to our living room seating and given me a different place to hang out when I need a break from my desk. In addition, it’s super light and easy to move around the house, so we can take it from room to room without any issue. Finally, the raised back gives added support and comfort for gaming or lounging activities. Grab the matching ottoman if you want to dial it up a notch.

I’ve checked out other bean bag chairs in the past, and what I like about Yogibo is how there’s no fluffing or having to replace the beans in the chairs. They keep their shape and don’t require maintenance other than washing the covers as you see fit.

Warranty Information

Yogibo carries a one-year manufacturer warranty on defects, including zippers and seams. If you want to extend that coverage to two years and have accidental coverage, including if your 6-month-old puppy decides to customize your Yogibo with its teeth, you can get coverage for around $25 (price varies on the original cost of the Yogibo product).

Overall, Yogibo Is the Best

I’ve tested out other brands, including Sumo Lounger and Big Joe, and neither was comparable to Yogibo. Yogibo is lightweight, holds its shape, and has the best warranty. Their covers are washable, durable, and stand up to even my rebellious toy poodle.

If you are looking for something comfortable but stylish to add to your room, check out Yogibo.

Don’t forget to use code “GEEKMOM” for 10% off your order!

Star Wars not your thing? Check out their Disney and Pixar lines as well!

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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