2021 One-Hit Wonder Goals

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I have a hard time coming up with long-term goals to follow through with because it feels like they are the same year after year. Lose weight. Spend less time on my phone. Read X number of books. Spend more time on my religious studies. This year, I’m coming up with a list of “one-hit wonder” goals, goals that you do once and then move on to the next one on the list.

Here are a few I’ve come up with. Leave me your suggestions in the comments!

  • Discover a new podcast
  • Cook something new
  • Read a new book genre
  • Join a club
  • Play a new game (can be a video game or board game)
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Complete an online course in a subject that interests you but has nothing to do with your day job
  • Write a short story
  • Read a “classic”
  • Eat at a new restaurant (take-out counts)
  • Learn an origami fold
  • Watch a movie without knowing what it’s about (judge it by the movie poster or title)
  • Support a Patreon account
  • Declutter a room in your house 
  • Record a video journal of a happy memory
  • Make a “happy memories” scrapbook
  • Do a craft (sew something, glue something, I don’t care)
  • Celebrate an obscure holiday 
  • Clean off your phone of all unused apps
  • Stay off social media for one day
  • Watch a show you enjoyed as a child
  • Run or walk a 5k
  • Find one thing in your house that needs fixing and fix it
  • Volunteer your time for a charity
  • Read fan-fiction
  • Take an exercise class
  • Visit your local library

What are some one-hit wonders that you want to tackle?

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1 thought on “2021 One-Hit Wonder Goals

  1. Hmm. Nice list. Don’t you mind if I will steal some points and add them to mine? Also, I am going to find a good workplace this year. I hope I will be succeeded. I have already started to look for some jobs in Palmdale. After I get a worthy job I will be able to give money to charity. Now I cannot afford that.

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