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Kokoon Nightbuds (retail $250) hold the secret to a good night’s sleep for those that need a little noise to help them slip into their Zzzzs but don’t want to disturb their partner. Unlike other sleep headphones of this price range, the Kokoon Nightbuds also work as daytime headphones for the office or gym.

Key Features

  • Intelligent noise masking
  • Passive noise blocking
  • Sleep sensing
  • Adaptive audio
  • Bedtime comfort
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Chargers via USB-C
  • Works with iOS 13 and higher and Android 9 and higher
  • 10+ hour battery life

First Impressions of the Kokoon Nightbuds

Upon opening up the nightbuds, the first thing I noticed was the protective case. I like how it’s designed to allow easy storage of the headphones, and it makes sure they lay flat, so they don’t get tangled or stretched out during storage.

The second thing I noticed was how flexible and soft they were in my hands. This made me feel a bit more confident in my choice to check them out. It was easy to stretch them out to my size (just be careful not to stretch them too much).

While looking over my new nighttime friends, I noticed an infrared sensor. According to Kokoon’s website, this sensor is used to shine infrared light on the skin to measure the variability in your heart rate. Then, it uses that information to determine the stats in the data section of the app.

The first night I used them, I was surprised at how comfortable they were to wear while laying down on my pillow. I couldn’t tell I was wearing them at all. I didn’t quite have the fit right that first night, and because of that I ended up waking up and taking them off due to pain in my ears. My contact at Kokoon suggested I try a different size earbud and that ended up fixing the comfort issue for the next night. If I were to do this over, I would have worn them during the day to get the fit right before testing them out while sleeping. Lesson learned!

MyKokoon App for Sleep

MyKokoon App for Sleep and Relaxation \ Image: Kokoon
MyKokoon App for Sleep and Relaxation \ Image: Kokoon

The MyKokoon app is easy to use and straightforward. I counted around 20 different sounds that you could use to doze off. At the top, you set your sleep routine and tell it what time you go to bed and what time you wake up.

The app also has a library to aid in other areas of your life. You can find different sessions available by going to the library and selecting one of four options:

  • Going to sleep
  • Feeling anxious
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Brighter mornings

Depending on what you need help with, you will get a combination of music, talking meditation, coaching, or white noise. The sessions also vary by length, from super short two-minute sessions to over two hours. I found that the longer sessions were in the sleep portion of the library.

The data section of the app shows you all the details about your sleep, including the time you went to bed, what time you fell asleep, and what time you woke up. In addition, a pie chart shows how much time you spent in the four stages of sleep: light, REM, deep, and awake. It also tells you what you were listening to in that session.

You can use your own music with the headphones and combine it with any of the twenty noises available.

Kokoon Nightbuds Pros

  • The app will fade your music out when it detects that you’ve fallen asleep.
  • You can listen to your own music or the built-in options in the app, including various forms of white noise.
  • You can stretch the headphones out to fit your head. Just be careful to not overstretch them.
  • When the regular audio you fall asleep to fades out, it’s replaced with the white noise of your choosing to help keep you asleep.

Kokoon Nightbuds Cons

It took me a few nights to find the right earbud size to get the right fit and comfort. Of course, being earbuds, you also run the risk of ear fatigue, but that should go away over time. Having to break in something you sleep in, though, isn’t ideal for some people, but it’s worth the effort if you can do it. As mentioned above, I would wear them during the day to get the fit right to avoid this issue altogether.

Final Thoughts on the Kokoon Nightbuds

While $250 is a bit pricey for a pair of headphones to sleep with, I found that they were worth the cost for what you get. It’s hard to find comfortable headphones you can sleep in that are not a headband (and those can slip off while you sleep). While some headphones are okay to share, these are not ideal for sharing so Kokoon has a unique couples package that gets you two pairs of nightbuds for $50 off the cost of buying them separately.

At the time of this post, Kokoon Nightbuds are only available on their website and retail for $250 for one set or $400 for two sets.

Disclaimer: GeekMom as given a review sample.

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