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I joined TikTok a few months back, and while I used to think it was stupid, I’m hooked. I didn’t realize the variety of content that was on the app from cosplay to mental health to music to comedy. (Who knew lip-syncing to comedians was a big thing?) Today, I’m going to be talking about the music artists I’ve discovered thanks to people using their sounds in a video or finding the artist themselves on my For You Page (FYP). 

Let’s begin!

1. Citizen Soldier


When has being hated made you stronger? Thank You For Hating Me is out now! 🔗 in bio 👑 #fypシ #rockmusic #motivation #mentalhealth #getfit #survivor

♬ Thank You for Hating Me – Citizen Soldier

These guys are nothing short of incredible. Their genre is essentially mental health rock. They’ve converted me to the rock genre, and I couldn’t be happier. The first video I saw with their music in it was by user @mothernightshade, who advocates for men’s mental health and cosplayers. Check out my interview with Citizen Soldier here on GeekMom! Their next album comes out on November 17th. You can pre-save it on Apple Music and Spotify now.

2. Sam Smith


Should they meet? #goldenretriever #fyp #lovestory #puppylove

♬ Like I Can – Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s “Like I Can” was released in 2014, but, thanks to TikTok, it has seen a resurgence in popularity for people who want to express their love for someone else. Another song of Sam Smith’s that I enjoy is “Make It to Me” because of these lyrics:

You’re the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete
I know you’re out there we’re meant to be
So keep your head up and make it to me
And make it to me

3. Ava Max


Girl power ‼️👑 @avamax #avamax #kingsandqueens #pop #avamax2020 #party #liveperformance #popstar #mood #fyp #foryou #vocals

♬ Kings & Queens – Ava Max

Ava Max is the artist behind the popular TikTok song “Kings & Queens.” “Kings & Queens” is an empowering song and the videos I have seen are usually men supporting women and acknowledging their queen’s power. Some of my favorite lyrics really speak to female power: 

No damsel in distress, don’t need to save me
Once I start breathin’ fire, you can’t tame me
And you might think I’m weak without a sword
But if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours

4. Brent Morgan


go on and kiss the girl 😘 a @disney wedding 💒 out NOW! #fypシ #disney #singers #ChewyChattyPets #wedding

♬ original sound – Brent Morgan

“Kiss the Girl” by Brent Morgan is one of the best covers of a Disney song I have ever heard. He has done a couple of renditions of this including “Kiss the Boy” and a duet with @Verum that has a really cool rap element. He has a few other songs that I’ve fallen in love with including “The Fixer.”

5. Peyton Parish


#duet with @bexinblue This is Awesome! #harrypotter #slytherin #mulan #illmakeamanoutofyou

♬ original sound – Peyton Parrish

This is the second Disney cover on this list and is actually my favorite of the two. Peyton Parish takes “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and makes it metal. Seriously, I could see this taking the place of the original in the movie (all due respect to Donny Osmond). 

6. Lovelytheband


Not kpop, but I love this song. #lovelytheband #broken #lyricsvideo #foryoupage

♬ broken – lovelytheband

“Broken” is a slower pop song by Lovelytheband about meeting someone who is as broken as you are. It’s used a lot on TikTok by people with anxiety and talking about how they have an emotional support pup that is “broken” like them. The cool thing is that this song was released in 2018 and has gotten a resurgence in popularity thanks to TikTok.

7. Madilyn Bailey

Something just like this.. #spacemusic

♬ nhạc nền – S P Λ C Ξ – S P Λ C Ξ

Madilyn Bailey is a YouTuber as well as a singer and songwriter. She was on America’s Got Talent this year where she sang a song written by hate comments left on her material. I really like her cover of “Something Just Like That” with artist Alex Groot. It’s not a song I hear a lot on TikTok, but the first time it came across my feed I was off to iTunes to download it for my library.

8. SLANDER feat. Dylan Matthew


Let go of the stuff from the past. #motivation #inspiration #quotes #movie #foryoupage #fyp

♬ Love Is Gone (feat. Dylan Matthew) (Acoustic) – SLANDER, Dylan Matthew

“Love Is Gone” by SLANDER feat. Dylan Matthew is a very sad song, but I love it nonetheless. It’s about loving someone and that love going away. I mostly see this song used on a movie quotes account, but I fell in love with it the moment I first heard it. 


9. No Resolve


Too hard?! Not hard enough?! #stay #noresolve #cover

♬ STAY – No Resolve

No Resolve is a rock group with some music that is NSFW because of language. I love the beat to “Stay,” and they have a few other songs I’ve picked up on Apple Music including “Thunder Rolls” and their cover of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”


10. MKTO 


Mom! 😂 (DC: @Icyilyas & @clbromeo)

♬ Classic – MKTO

MKTO has a hit with “Classic” that has turned into quite the dance trend on TikTok. I’m not into the dancing trends, but I love this song. Everyone from kids to parents is getting in on this one thanks to its wholesome lyrics about treating your partner right.

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