GeekDad: ‘Space Jam’ Turns 25 Today!


Making its debut in 1996, Space Jam marked the epic team up of Bugs Bunny and his fellow Looney Tunes characters with basketball legend Michael Jordan. The movie would go on to make $230 million at the box office, and become the #1 grossing basketball film of all time. It was even one of the first films to have its own promotional website, which you can still view today.

Earlier this year, the original movie’s sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy had the biggest opening for a family film in 2021, and can currently be streamed on HBO Max.

To celebrate the silver anniversary of Space Jam, Warner Bros is giving away a free comic book, as well as offering many special items for purchase for fans of the movie:

Exclusive Space Jam print by Aaron Kai. Image by Warner Bros.
  • NTWRK takes it into overtime with its “Space Jam” ‘96 fashion collection launching on Nov. 15. The collection includes brand new “Space Jam” rugs by Rugtomize, along with an exclusive “Space Jam” print designed by artist Aaron Kai.
  • Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes Shop is offering fans a variety of all-new “Space Jam” inspired apparel by unveiling the fourth drop in its popular ACME Intern collection, featuring original designs inspired by the film. Among the must-have items, fans can purchase a t-shirt with artwork of the original “Space Jam” website’s homepage.
  • House of Highlights, the #1 digital media brand for Gen Z and part of the Bleacher Report brand portfolio, has unveiled a collaboration with DOC (Dustin O. Canalin) in honor of the “Space Jam” 25th Anniversary. House of Highlights’ brand new “Space Jam” collection showcases the Looney Tunes reimagining some of the most iconic moments in basketball history.
  • DJ Steve Aoki’s fashion and music label, Dim Mak recently launchedDim Mak x Space Jam 96,” a limited edition streetwear capsule featuring 90s inspired tees and hoodies in bright tie dyes and featuring the Looney Tunes squad.
  • Comic book fans can also download a free “Space Jam” 25th anniversary comic book from DC, as highlighted by Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes Shop, on the Stellar Souvenirs page of the original “Space Jam” website ( In this new story, the Looney Tunes have settled into their stardom following the events of the original film. That is, until Marvin the Martian decides to take a trip home where he discovers a new plot by mastermind Swackhammer to unleash the Nerdlucks and Monstars upon Earth once again.  
  • Nifty’s “Starting 5” Challenge will let fans own a special piece of “Space Jam” history. Beginning on November 15th, Nifty’s will encourage fans to collect as many Tune Squad or Goon Squad NFT’s from “Space Jam: A New Legacy” as they can before January 13th, 2022. Collectors who hold five or more NFT’s on January 14, 2022 will be eligible to receive a limited edition Monstar NFT. Each of the Monstars will have their own unique NFT, totaling five designs. For every five Tune Squad or Goon Squad NFT’s a user holds (each NFT must feature an individual player on either team), they will be eligible for a Monstar NFT.  
  • Fans can also enjoy iconic 90s tunes when they purchase the recently reissued vinyl edition of the multi-platinum soundtrack Space Jam (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture), released by Rhino Entertainment. Available as a double-LP on 180-gram, red and black vinyl for $34.98, the 14-track collection was a commercial smash that peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 and has been certified platinum six times.

There’s plenty for fans of Space Jam to enjoy, including watching both the original and the sequel on HBO Max.

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