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Kickstarter Alert: Flipsi Puzzles, “Haunted Places and What Lurks Within…”


What is Flipsi Puzzles?

Flipsi Pizzles is a new range of 500 piece double-sided jigsaw puzzles currently campaigning on Kickstarter. The first collection is named Haunted Places and What Lurks Within… making it perfect for the Halloween season, although do remember that with crowdfunding campaigns, you won’t have your puzzles in hand until at least sometime next year.

New to Kickstarter? Check out our crowdfunding primer.

What Makes Flipsi Puzzles Special?

The jigsaws in the Flipsi Puzzles collection each tell a story that is experienced by completing the puzzle showing the empty building as seen on the box, then flipping it over for a “spine-tingling reveal”. You complete the puzzle on the specially designed Flipsi board and this allows you to easily flip over your puzzle without it falling apart, revealing the secrets on the other side. The puzzle boards can also be used as storage for your puzzle if you are unable to complete it in one session.

What Designs are in the Flipsi Puzzles Range?

The Haunted Places and What Lurks Within… collection contains three puzzles: Haunted Castle, Haunted House, and Haunted Farmhouse. The company are being careful to only show images of the front of each jigsaw so the reverse images will be a surprise, but you can check out the stunning puzzle designs that double as box art below.

Haunted Puzzle Designs, Images Flipsi Puzzles
Haunted Puzzle Designs, Images Flipsi Puzzles

Pledge Levels

  • Flipsi Single Puzzle (One Puzzle, No Board) – Approx. $27 Plus Shipping
  • Flipsi Complete (One Puzzle with One Board)- Approx. $38 Plus Shipping
  • Flipsi Plus (All Three Puzzles with One Board) – Approx. $98 Plus Shipping
  • Flipsi Complete Collection (All Three Puzzles with Three Boards) – Approx. $99 Plus Shipping

Please do note that Flipsi Puzzles are based in Australia so your pledge amount may change based on the exchange rate, all shipping costs are currently estimates, and that at present, backers are responsible for their customs, duties, and taxes if importing.

Further Information

The Flipsi Puzzles Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded and is approaching 200% of its original goal with the hope of fulfilling pledges in April 2022. If you are interested in pledging, you have until Thursday, October 21st to do so. 

I plan to run a full review here on GeekMom around that time once I have finished copies in hand but until then I will have to spend the next six months ogling the beautiful artwork online.

GeekMom has been offered finished copies of these puzzles once available for review purposes.

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