Let’s Laugh About Menopause! Together! (Neato Greeting Cards Inside)

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Warning: This post will contain TMI. I’ll be talking about my own experiences with perimenopause, and there may be* a few swear words. (*will be)

Do you worry about what other people think? Of you, of your choices, of how you look, any of that? Well, make it to mid-life and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be (almost) cured. The “not giving a shit” side effect of perimenopause is glorious, let me tell you. As someone who always worried far too much about what people thought of me, it’s liberating to (mostly) just stop caring.

Though many of our uterus-possessing readers might still be in the throes of their generally-fertile years, some are likely in their 40s or 50s, experiencing perimenopause or reaching menopause itself, the holy grail that we finally achieve at the end of all these hot flashes, sleep issues, random PMS-like symptoms, mental health effects, and more (though I hear they don’t always stop when you hit menopause, yay! more fun* to look forward to). And those of you past menopause can just smile and nod. (*for differing values of “fun”)

Communities of women on the internet have cropped up, centering around so many topics, from fiber arts to fandoms to writing to travel. But, within these groups, women also talk about so many other things. Including, for those who possess one, uteruses, and how they affect our lives, for better and for worse.

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So, if you’ve got a great sense of humor about it all, and want to commiserate with your fellow uterus-possessing mid-lifers, Em & Friends has you covered with a new line of greeting cards. Yes, people still send physical greeting cards these days. Getting something in the mail is quite novel now, so it’s more special than ever to send a card to someone. Especially during a pandemic, when a physical connection with someone outside of your house is pretty uncommon for some of us.

These laugh-out-loud funny cards really hit the mark. Emily herself is writing from a place of knowledge. She has been also having an interesting time with perimenopause, and thought it was time to put these sentiments on greeting cards so we could all support our fellow sufferers friends.

But how do they look in person? Each one of these cards is safely tucked into a compostable plastic-y sleeve, and has lovely, full-color printing. They each come with a brown envelope for easy mailing. They’re not huge, a bit smaller than what I’d consider “standard” greeting card size, but they’re plenty large to write in your own mid-life musings.

So, if you and/or your friends are having fun* with your/their perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, now there’s a card for that! Get the whole pack, and spread them around. Laughter is the best medicine. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry, right? (*not fun)

Em & Friends also has a line of empathy cards. They are definitely also worth checking out.

Note: I received some samples for review purposes.

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