GeekDad: “Kill Team: Octarius” Narrative Play Overview

Kill Team Ocatrius Narrative

This video wasn’t ready for my recent Kill Team: Octarius overview, so I decided to publish it as a separate post.  

The narrative campaign system for KIll Team: Octarius is very well thought out. I don’t think, with game modes like this, it’s possible to please everybody, but for me, this new system ticks a lot of boxes. It’s easy to implement, doesn’t require prolonged buy-in from several different people in order to work properly, and has some great thematic and story-telling elements. 

For players who want to do so, it is easy to expand and adapt, whilst also paving the way for any number of published expansions. There are various ways these might be presented, whether it be via new books filled with missions and objectives or entire new boxed campaigns containing new Kill Teams, battle plans, and scenery. The strength of the system is its flexibility. 

A couple of other pieces of news have come to light since I wrote my first article. Games Workshop has promised that it will ensure there will be enough copies for everybody who preorders one. After the debacle surrounding Cursed City and another rapidly selling out boxed set preorder last weekend that left customers disappointed, this marks a huge step forward. It’s good to see the company acknowledging that scalpers are a thing. 

I also wasn’t sure of the price when I wrote my original piece. The retail price has been released as £125 which will equate to somewhere around $175. 


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