GeekDad: Sharkfest Continues on National Geographic and Disney+


Last week, National Geographic launched their biggest ever Sharkfest event with several new shows. This week even more new shows are premiering on National Geographic and Disney+. Here is a look at what you can watch this week.

Shark Attack Files

  • National Geographic — Premieres July 12, at 9/8c
  • Disney+ — Beginning July 16

This six-episode series is an investigation into bizarre and fascinating shark behavior. Featuring footage from actual attacks, interactions, and behavior captured by both professionals and observant bystanders, every twist and turn leaves viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. Scientific experts and investigators dive deeper into the mystery of these unexplained behaviors and come to a stunning revelation that ties these extraordinary events together. The series consists of the following episodes: “Great Whites vs. Cage,” “Land Shark,” “Deadliest Bite,” “Man v. Shark,” “Deadly Duo,” and “Rogue Shark.”

A Great White Shark chomps down on a bait line. (National Geographic/Willem Van Heerden)

Shark Attack Investigation: The Paige Winter Story

  • National Geographic — Premieres July 12, at 10/9c
  • Disney+ — Beginning July 16

Paige Winter was only 17 years old when she lost a leg and portion of her hand to a shark. In this show, experts unpacked the details of Paige’s attack to determine what kind of shark is responsible and what can be done, if anything, to avoid this happening again. Despite all Paige has lived through, this inspirational teen remains an advocate for sharks and, with the guidance of professionals, takes brave steps to overcome her greatest fears.

Dr. Mike Heithaus, Laura Garcia Barcia, Charlie Winter, and Paige Winter on a shark tagging expedition. (National Geographic/Gabriel Kerr)

World’s Biggest Bull Shark?

  • National Geographic — Premieres July 13, at 10/9c
  • Disney+ — Beginning July 16

In a 2012 freak encounter off the coast of Florida that broke all the records, shark scientist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag caught an enormous bull shark. This shark stretched more than 10 feet long and weighed over 1,000 pounds! They named her Big Bull and set her free. Bull sharks in Florida patrol the beaches, terrifyingly close to the swimmers, and feast on seasonal migrations of baitfish. Many long thought these sharks were just well-fed, but now some scientists believe that Big Bull is the matriarch of a unique population of giants. This show gets in close to find out the answers.

James Glancy films a Bull Shark swimming above him in the waters off of Jupiter, FL. (National Geographic/James Glancy)

Killer Shark vs. Killer Whale

  • National Geographic — Premieres July 15, at 10/9c
  • Disney+ — Beginning Aug. 6

The mystery of orcas attacking great white sharks for their livers has left scientists baffled. This unusual predatory behavior has been witnessed in three parts of the world: California, South Africa, and Australia. But the most shocking outcome is the disappearance of the other sharks after the event. How are they communicating with their kin and getting out of Dodge when the killer whales move in?

Be Sure to Watch SharkFest!

I had the opportunity to screen World’s Biggest Bull Shark. I did not know that bull sharks are the most deadly sharks after great white and tiger sharks. Although this record shark was caught and released in 2012, large bull sharks are now being observed off the coast of Florida. I found myself gripping my seat during one scene where two divers down by a shipwreck are suddenly surrounded by large bull sharks. This is one not to be missed. Once again, National Geographic has made learning about nature and our world both entertaining and engaging. I look forward to watching the rest of the new shows as well. Be sure to check out these shows when they premier this week on the National Geographic Channel and then on Friday, July 16th on Disney+. The shows that premiered last week are now available to watch on Disney+.

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