GeekMom Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Welcome to this year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide where we celebrate all things mothers. This year, our writers have put together a list of their suggestions for the mother or mother figure in your life. Ranging from pre-prepped meals to wine to video game accessories and books. We’ve got a little bit of everything for all the geeky moms out there. 

Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends Loot Crate

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Loot Crate
Price: $39.99 + shipping and handling
Purchase: Loot Crate
The Sanrio crate is filled with officially licensed Hello Kitty collectibles including a pillow, trinket tray, toothbrush holder, unisex t-shirt, bookmark, and socks! It’s a cute little crate to introduce mom to LootCrate!

Marvel Gear + Goods Loot Crate

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Loot Crate
Price: $36.99 + shipping and handling
Purchase: Loot Crate
All the Marvel madness for your favorite geeky mom! This crate is their Amazing one, filled with officially licensed Spider-Man stuff including A Miles Morales Trucker Hat, Spider-Man Tee, Juice Glass, and Spider-Man Standee action figure. The T-shirts are unisex.

Image: Harper Collins Canada

The Goddess Solution: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life by Lisa Marie Rankin

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Harper Collins Canada
Price: $22.99
Purchase: Amazon
Get mom the gift of spiritual relaxation. This book covers ancient wisdom to help her find and connect with her goddess within and apply the wisdom from such topics as sex, her job, divorce, self-care, and more.

Wave for Work by Genki Instruments

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Genki Instruments
Price: $149
Purchase: Genki Instruments
Wave for Work is great if your mom works from home. It’s a programmable ring that lets them seamlessly connect to their computer and control things like Zoom, PowerPoint, and music. It has a 30-foot operating range so Mom no longer has to be tied to her computer to control presentations or her music.

Image: Brooks Running

Clycerin GTS 19 Running Shoes

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Brooks Running
Price: $150
Purchase: Brooks Running
Clyverin GTS 19 are very comfortable road running shoes for the mom who likes to hit the asphalt. They come in four colors and have a super soft cushion with incredible support for every step. They come in sizes 5-12 and widths from normal to Wide D.

Image: Buddha Board

Buddha Board

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Buddha Board
Price: $15.99 to $35
Purchase: Amazon
Give Mom the gift of relaxing with a Buddha Board. With each stroke, they can take a meditative breath and watch as their worries and stress melt away much like their art on the board. The board takes only minutes to dry between strokes and it’s a great addition to their meditation practice. Buddha Board comes in various sizes include a travel size and their standard size (not meant for travel).

Blue Apron Meal Kit and Wine Bundle

Suggested By: Dakster Sullivan
Mfg: Blue Apron
Price: Varies
Purchase: Blue Apron
What’s better for mom on Mother’s Day than the ability to let someone else do the cooking? Blue Apron will deliver healthy, easy-to-cook meals directly to your door with all the ingredients you need to create the best meal for mom. If Mom is into wine, don’t forget their signature wine options that you can add to your order.

Image: Amazon


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Instant Pot Little Bounty (Mandalorian)

Suggested By: Marziah Karch
Mfg: InstantPot
Price: $99
Purchase: Amazon
I usually avoid giving cooking gifts, but this year we’re doing too much and just need a break. This not only makes meal prep so much easier, but it also has some geeky flair. Make it the real deal. Combine an Instant Pot with an offer to pre-prep and freeze meals on weekends.

Image: Oculus

Oculus Quest 2

Suggested By: Marziah Karch
Mfg: Oculus
Price: $299 -$399
Purchase: Amazon
We may not be traveling much, but this can help. The Oculus Quest 2 is a big splurge but worth it. This virtual reality game is a self-contained adventure without leaving the house. No computer required.

Image: Warner Media

A Subscription to HBO Max

Suggested By: Marziah Karch
Mfg: HBO
Price: $15
Purchase: HBO Max
It’s less than the price of going out to the movies (remember movie theaters?). You can subscribe for a month to binge all your favorite shows or keep it for the continued access to the good stuff. You can find His Dark Materials, Studio Ghibli, Doctor Who, DC universe movies, and more. Goes perfectly with microwave popcorn.

Image: My Arcade

My Arcade Retro Champ

Suggested By: Z.
Mfg: My Arcade
Price: $79.99
Purchase: Amazon
If your mom grew up during the golden age of home console gaming, My Arcade’s Retro Champ will let her relive her glory days in one perfectly portable package. Not only does the upper slot accommodate all her classic NES cartridges, the lower one is specially designed to accept Japanese Famicom titles, making it a real boon for import gamers. If the 7-inch screen isn’t enticing enough, use the rear-mounted HDMI port to output to your flatscreen television, and pair a couple of Bluetooth controllers for easy two-player action. There’s even a concealed compartment that houses cotton swabs and alcohol to keep those crusty old carts in proper working order!

image: Controller Gear

Controller Gear Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collectors Gift Set

Suggested By: Z.
Mfg: Controller Gear
Price: $74.99
Purchase: Amazon
If mom can’t get enough of Animal Crossing: New Horizons—and who among us can?!—delight her with this expansive collectors gift set from Controller Gear. It includes a crossbody system sling bag, Animal Crossing socks, an Isabella baseball cap, Switch and Switch Lite console skins, a keychain, a pin set, and premium tech decals for her phone or laptop—all officially licensed and sure to please.

Image: Chronicle Books

Penny: A Graphic Memoir by Karl Stevens

Suggested By: Jenny Bristol
Mfg: Chronicle Books
Price: $18.95
Purchase: Amazon
If the favorite mom in your life is also a lover of cats, this adorable and relatable book is not to be missed. In it, you get inside the mind of Penny the cat as she regales stories from her life, from her modest beginnings on the streets to landing in the creature comforts of living with loving humans/servants. Based on a real-life cat named Penny, this graphic novel shows us the life of a cat through her own eyes. We learn through her dreams, her temptations to escape the apartment, and her thought processes as she makes major and minor decisions throughout her day. If you’ve ever wondered what goes through a cat’s mind, Penny is the perfect book.

Image: LEGO

LEGO Creator Expert Flower Bouquet

Suggested By: Jenny Bristol
Price: $94.99
Purchase: Amazon
Though a bit more expensive than a traditional bouquet of flowers, this LEGO set will last forever and give the mom in your life the joy of building and rebuilding the set. Filled with 756 LEGO pieces to build roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, and more, pair this set with a gorgeous vase and your recipient is sure to swoon. Note: Know your audience; some folks may want you to pre-build the set, while others will enjoy building and arranging it themselves.

Image: Chronicle Books

We Just Click: Little LEGO Love Stories by Aled Lewis

Suggested By: Jenny Bristol
Mfg: Chronicle Books
Price: $15.16
Purchase: Amazon
This creative and adorable book puts LEGO Minifigures in situations and scenes where they share the love of all kinds, including romantic love, platonic love, friendship, the love of one’s pet, and humorous love. At once both touching and amusing, this book is a fun gift for anyone you love or anyone who has love in their heart. Read my review here.

Image: Becker & Mayer Books

Disney Villains Cross Stitch: 12 Wickedly Fun Patterns

Suggested By: Jenny Bristol
Mfg: Becker & Mayer Books
Price: $24.99
Purchase: Amazon
Show appreciation for a favorite crafty mom in your life with this fun and devious craft kit. Showing off Disney villains such as Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and others, the cross stitch charts are super easy to follow. The kit includes everything someone needs to make a couple of the included patterns, and there are enough villains included for there to be someone who appeals to almost everyone. Or, you can get the kit and do the cross stitch projects for someone yourself!

America’s Test Kitchen

Pour Your Beloved Mum a Margarita

Suggested By: Mariana Ruiz
Mfg: America’s Test Kitchen
Price: $19.99
Purchase: American’s Test Kitchen
Your mom has been on Zoom for an entire year. Learn how to do the perfect fresh Margarita with tequila reposado and fresh lime juice, tell her to relax and stop looking at screens for a moment, and present her with an awesome cocktail of your very own making.

Famicom Detective Club™: The Missing Heir

Suggested By: Karen Walsh
Mfg: Nintendo
Price: $34.99
Purchase: Nintendo
For the bookworm gamer mom, this game merges the best of both worlds. If you love reading mysteries and want an interactive approach, then this is the perfect combination of the two. Take a PG-rated Memento and combine it with the easy fun of Professor Layton games. From the Nintendo website: “Filled with suspense, this tale follows an amnesia-stricken detective trying to unravel his own past amidst the horrors of a harrowing murder investigation.”


Suggested By: Karen Walsh
Mfg: Nintendo
Price: $49.99
Purchase: Nintendo
If you’re in the mood for a little comedic adventure, then Miitopia will give Mom the experience she’s craving. For anyone who loves fantasy adventures and missed the Ren Faire last year, Miitopia hits the right buttons (see what we did there?). Create and customize characters, go on adventures, and create a mini-RPG experience by assigning Mii characters personality traits and jobs that determine how they approach battles. From Nintendo: “Engage in turn-based combat against outlandish baddies like the gyrating Twerkey to gain experience and level up characters.”

Disclaimer: Some of the items mentioned in this list may have been sent to the writer as a review sample.

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Dakster Sullivan is a network administrator by day and a cosplayer by night. They love discovering new books to read, tech to play with, and ways to express themselves. They have anxiety and depression and strives to educate others about these invisible illnesses.

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