‘We Just Click’ Is a Sweet Collection of LEGO-Themed Love Notes

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New this year, We Just Click: Little LEGO Love Stories by Aled Lewis is a cute, funny, and positively creative gift book to give someone you care about. Ideally someone who loves LEGO. And puns.

Not all of the messages inside are about romantic love; some are about friendship or companionship, while a few are even less intimate. But all feature themes of connection. This is particularly apt for a toy that is all about connection, with pieces designed to fit together so snugly.

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Some of the images in this book are quite funny, many punny, while others are touching or validating. They capture young love and old, the love of one’s pet, and the love of old friends. They even capture heartbreak. The match-ups throughout are diverse pairings, and are sure to make you smile on your first or fortieth reading.

You’ll probably see yourself and people you know in many of the pages, whether it’s falling asleep on the couch with your partner, preferring your pet’s company to anyone else’s, or fitting together just right with someone who, at first glance, appears to be an odd match for you. There’s even a page about working from home that many of us will find familiar.

Be sure to check out the author photo in the back; it recreates a likely scene from the book’s production.

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A perfect gift for anyone you feel particularly close to, We Just Click is a balm to the physically distanced soul. It regularly took me by surprise, and one of the movie references made me laugh out loud quite heartily (but I won’t ruin it for you by telling you which one).

We Just Click: Little LEGO Love Stories is a fantastic pick-me-up for those whose hearts are full of love and lightheartedness.

Note: I received a copy for review purposes, but all love of LEGO and of love itself is my own.

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