Turn Classic Horror Movie Posters Into Creepy Valentines

Last week, we learned to turn old, goofy vintage valentines into fun and spooky “Valoween” messages

Here’s another quick way to mash-up Halloween and Valentine’s Day by taking old classic (or semi-classic) horror movie poster images and dressing them up for your creepy sweetheart or fiendish friends.

Just like the vintage card craft, start by printing out some card-sized classic movie posters. Since posters are already the perfect card shape, they can be printed in a small 3″ x 2″ size for handing out or made into postcard or greeting card sizes of about 5″ x 7″ or 6″ x 4″.

Find some images of classic or new horror films that you wouldn’t normally associate with cute and romantic.

It really is amazing how many horror genre films and series there are with poster images almost as famous as the movie monsters themselves. These can be anything from early Universal Monsters classics to mid-century Hitchcock thrillers to the more modern slasher favorites or ghost stories. There are even one or two horrors with a distinct “Valentine” theme—as if they knew “Valoween” fun was not too far into the future.

Next, we can follow the example of the vintage Valentine’s cards and draw or paint over and around the images. Just think about what we did for the Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, and go in the opposite direction. Maybe Freddy Krueger would like a pink and red sweater or Dracula might just be bringing someone some flowers or candy. Awww.

Draw or paint over the cards to adjust colors, add or change words, and other details.

The drawing part is simple enough, but we can take it a step further by adding some Valentine embellishments. These won’t be hard to find in January and February. Valentine stickers, card packs, and jewel embellishments are everywhere from the corner dollar store to the supermarket. There are plenty of Valentine images in magazines, newspapers, and catalogs that are filled with frilly lovey-dovey ads just waiting to be cut up for a spooky makeover. There are also ads for romcoms or love stories that could be put to use as well. Actually, like the monsters or killers in many horror films, these overly sappy Valentine’s Day designs are hard to escape.

Take advantage of the numerous valentine stickers or ads to make your horror posters a little “sweeter.”

Of course, you can also cut out some basic little hearts from pink or red construction paper if you need them.

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Once you’ve gathered the extra materials, you can combine any painted or drawn-on designs with the stickers or cut-out images to make one-of-a-kind collage art. Once you get started on this, the ideas will just fall in place bring to life a new “Valoween” design.

Take a look at the DIY for turning old holiday and Christmas cards into pop culture collages for inspiration if you like.

To go that extra step, you can give these cards a nice little paper border with construction paper, a paper doily, or scrap lace.

Use construction paper, doilies, or other paper items to create edges for your cards.

Just like the Vintage Valentines, these are fun enough to give to anyone, particularly scary movie fans. There are more of us out there than you would think. 

Valentine’s Day is lurking around the corner, but there’s also still plenty of time to get things ready for more Valoween sweet and eerie fun in October.

That’s part of the fun of Valoween: twice the opportunities to do something creative and unusual for others.

Enjoy your scary sweetheart movie valentines as cards or framed gifts. All images: Lisa Kay Tate
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