A Themed Egg Hunt Mystery for All Ages

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It is a fact of life that, as kids get older, they often grow out of certain traditions geared towards the youngest in the family.

This means things like egg hunts for spring or Easter may lose their interest, even tweens and teens who still want to enjoy fun and games.

This year, as my youngest daughter is in middle school and the oldest is a college freshman, I put together a more low-key indoor mystery hunt all ages (even adults) may enjoy.

Here’s what to do:

Pick a theme and create a hunt “objective,” like those in scavenger hunts, video games, or escape room challenges. I picked an anime theme, Hanako-kun, because that seems to be what the girls have really been enjoying this year. Write up the objective (aka prize) as in keeping with the theme, and leave it in a basket, on a desktop, or near the foot of their bed.

Mystery note
Kids, teens, and adults all love a good mystery, even one that involves an egg hunt. All images: Lisa Tate

They will have to find all the eggs hidden in a room or house in order to piece together a final clue to find the main prize. How much of the house or space to use depends on how much time you want to devote to the hunt.

In the case of my hunt, the “prize” is a simple themed Mokke plush (a little monster that resembles a bunny), some anime stickers, and bright candy. Nothing big or expensive, just something personal and special to the hunters.

Now the hunt begins.

hiding eggs
Eggs awaiting discovery.

For each participant, write their initials or name on a certain number of plastic eggs, hiding an equal number for each person. I made it fairly simple with just three eggs.

Place a few pieces of treats, stickers, or other small gifts and a piece of the final clue inside each egg. For example, I hid the final prize in the TV cabinet behind the game console, so one of the sets of eggs will have notes that spell out “BEH”…”IND”…”THE” and the other will spell out “P”…”S”…”4.” They will each have to find all their eggs, and get together to get the entire clue.

final clue
Each egg contains a piece of the final clue.

Once they piece it together, they can hunt as a team for the final prizes. When they find it, include a simple note like “You’ve found me. Congratulations!” or even just “Happy Easter” or “Happy Spring!” It is that simple.

Hiding Prize
The final prize lurking behind the game console.

Even as kids grow up, they should always take advantage of opportunities to celebrate special occasions or just celebrate the times we can all be together. Never pass a chance for them to do this.

Happy egg hunting!

The hunt prize doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive.
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