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Felicia Gets an Asgardian Makeover

Black Cat: Queen In Black opens the newest Black Cat run with world-shaking drama and action. Between pandemic-related issues, and comic run disruptions, I’m a little more behind on my comics than I prefer. I finally got a chance to settle down with Marvel’s newest money grab… er, I mean cross-over event, King In Black. The tie-in story Black Cat: Queen In Black gave one of my favorite ladies a heck of an adventure. First, she fights beside Captain America, then goes all-in saving Dr. Strange. Bats, ghost dog, extraordinaire, fetched her a little stick, and now BOOM! She’s got an Asgardian upgrade reminiscent of Valkyrie, or Angela. I’ve just finished the first two parts of Black Cat: Queen In Black and I am flat out loving what Jed Mackay is doing so far on this run. I’m finishing Black Cat: Queen In Black part three tonight, so you can expect a follow-up because there’s a lot happening in the Marvel Comic Universe these days.

Spoiler Warning:
For Black Cat #1 or Black Cat #2, or King In Black #3, There May Be Spoilers Below

Queen in Black: Part 1

Captain America Conscripts Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat’s recent heist comes crashing down around her (quite literally) in Queen In Black part one. As she and her crew were in the middle of business, the King in Black, a.k.a. Knull, audaciously attacked Earth interrupting her job. The attack sent her hurtling into the middle of a battle, landing right beside Captain America. With her survival instincts in overdrive, Felicia Hardy faces down Knull’s Army. She received a surprisingly warm welcome from Cap, who greets her as a comrade in arms, sparking a rare moment of near patriotism in her. 

“Someone or something messed up my job. And I don’t let anyone do that and get away without so much as a black eye or a bloody nose.”

~ Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat (Black Cat #1, Queen In Black part one)

The fight wasn’t going well as Knull’s Army quickly tore through Earth’s defenses. Captain America and Black Cat watch horrified as Dr. Strange is overwhelmed by symbiote goo and encased in an ominous ball. Adding to the nightmare, Knull appeared, killing the Sentry and enslaving the X-Men and the Avengers using his symbiote goo.

As Cap is being overtaken, he entreats Hardy to escape. In true Steve Rogers fashion, he explains to Black Cat that Dr. Strange is the best shot they have at turning Knull and his forces back. Cap believes that Black Cat is the one person with the skill to rescue Strange.

“You’re slippery, smart, a born survivor. You’re the only one who can do this.”

~ Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America (Black Cat #1, Queen In Black part one)

Queen in Black: Part 2

She’s Stealing Strange

Felicia preps to snatch the Sorcerer Supreme from Knull’s clutches. Still, the stakes here are high, higher than even her recent heist of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Felicia and her crew are facing one of the most dangerous jobs they’ve ever tried to pull off. Naturally, when planning a jailbreak from a symbiote-goo gulag, you call in experts. Enter Dr. Steve and Alchemax.

In no time at all, Felicia is ready. Packing two experimental and portable Anti-Venom suit and the ever adorable spirit hound, Bats, she springs aboard a goblin glider. Her target the massive symbiote orb, which Knull has parked atop the Chrysler Building.

“Any safe can be cracked. It just comes down to information, equipment, skill… and luck.”

~ Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat (Black Cat #2, Queen In Black part two)

Playing with Sticks

Black Cat’s heist is successful-ish. Felicia and Bats manage to snatch the Sorcerer Supreme out of Knull’s prison. Her crew is right there waiting with the getaway car. Unfortunately, they’re pursued by Knull’s forces, and the illustrious Doctor Strange isn’t conscious. This means there’s no one to use the mysterious little item Bats retrieved intending to help Dr. Strange save the day. Forced into a corner with death or worse bearing down on them all, Black Cat unwraps what looks like a stick. Bats protests explaining it’s from Asgard. Suddenly Felicia finds herself in Asgardian armor carrying a staff, her eyes aglow.

“He used it to clock Loki one time. There’s just a piece left, but it stinks of power.” ~ Bats (Black Cat #2, Queen In Black part two)

Queen in Black part two ends there, leaving Felicia’s new Asgardian powers, a mystery but the look on her face says she loves them. The question remains—what’s this magic done to Black Cat? And at what price? 

In King in Black #3, Thor’s been dropping the hammer (literally) on Knull, proving Asgardian power could be the key to winning this war. It should at least be sufficient to protect Black Cat, her crew, and the unconscious Doctor Strange. 

Black Cat: Queen In Black 

Creative Team

Publisher: Marvel Writer: Jed Mackay Cover Artist: Pepe Larraz
Pencils: Carlos F Villa Colors: Brian Reber Letterer: Ferran Delgado

Variant Artists:

Black Cat #1: Carlos Villa, Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli, Skottie Young, Taurin Clarke, Todd Nauck

Black Cat #2: Adam Hughes, Arist Deyn, Olivier Coipel, Peach Momoko,

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