Inku Crate – Adding To My Stationery Addiction

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This month I was treated to a curated box of Japanese stationery and accessories. Japan Crate’s Inku crate is specially designed for the planner and stationery fan at heart.

Subscription Info

For $35.95 per month with free shipping worldwide you get six to eight Japanese stationery items that range from notebooks, planners to pens, markers, and fun accessories. Subscriptions are month to month but you can cancel at anytime.

What I Received

Inku Crate Items \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Inku Crate items for January \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

The featured items of the January crate included a pastry scented marker, laundry detergent glue, and Hello Kitty Cow notebook (to go along with the year of the Ox). My favorite item from the box was the detergent glue. It was very kawaii and perfect for me to use in my scrapbooks.

The scented marker was a lovely addition as well and will come in handy with my planner habit trackers.

Also included in the box was a set of Lunar New Year stickers, fairy tale erasers, a Japanese New Year folder, and a fude color marker.


My overall impression is this crate could be a hit or miss in terms of the products you receive. While I enjoyed most of the products, there were a few items that I don’t see myself using. Compared to the Japan Crate that I reviewed last week, there are fewer items for a bit more of a cost. I’m sure that’s because most of the items in this box by nature are a bit more expensive than say candy or snacks. The only thing I wish I could see different about this crate that the Japan Crate does is it guarantees certain items each month. Inku Crate could promise stickers, washi, or a marker in each crate.

Despite receiving a couple of items I don’t see myself using, I can see myself gifting myself a crate every once in a while as a special treat, similar to the Japan crate. I wish there were more levels to this crate for those that are willing to pay a bit more for more products or more expensive items. $35.95 is not a bad price though for the six to eight items you receive, especially since it includes free worldwide shipping.

If you are a planner geek and into worldly stationery, this crate is definitely for you. 

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