How Well Do You Know Your Pop Culture Shields?

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It may be safe to say everyone who follows comics and pop culture knows exactly who wields these two shields shown below, but they aren’t the only heroes (or villains) who take advantage of these ornate forms or protection.


As many characters from the fantasy, science fiction, and even historical fiction realms are known by their costumes or the weapons they use, the importance of a good shield for defense (and sometimes offense) should never be underestimated.

Just for fun and bragging rights, let’s see how well you know your shields:

  1. Although many of these shields used by different armies in this series are much more elaborate, the character that holds this famous shield is also named for it. Who is he, and from what book-based movie trilogy does he hail?ThorinShield
  2. In this game, there are many different shields with various powers and levels of defense. What is the name of this shield you can get from finishing the “Wolf Queen Awakened” quest, and what is the video game?skyrimshield
  3. These weren’t the most popular characters in the galaxy, but their shields that made use of “hydrostatic bubble technology” created a neat protective energy screen. What was the name of this alien race, and in what movie (including its full name and episode number) were they featured with these shields?gunganshield
  4. This shield belongs to a warrior and leader based on a Norse legend (some debate may have been an actual historical figure). Who is it, and what is the name of the television series that features her?vikingshield
  5. Although this character isn’t known for carrying a shield, he needed this one in the gladiator-style games in his third film. Who is he, and what is the movie in which he used this shield?


  1. This familiar shield is the primary form of protection for what main character in what popular video game series?zeldashield
  2.  In this movie, based on the graphic novel based loosely on the real-life Battle of Thermopylae, the owner of this shield screams the now-famous line “This is Sparta!” Who is he and what is the movie?300shield
  3. In this long-running series, based on the popular book series, this character uses the below shield in a massive battle, although it does not represent his own House. Who is the character and the series, and what lesser-known house does this shield represent?GOTshield
  4. In this Walt Disney animated classic, this spiritually referenced “Shield of Virtue” accompanies the “Sword of Truth.” Who receives the shield in what movie, and who bestows it to him?phillipshield
  5. When danger reared its ugly head, the character holding this shield bravely turned his tail and fled. Who is he and in what movie is he seen? (Bonus points if you can name the Broadway series it spawned.)RobinShield

How did you do on your shield knowledge? Click here for the answers.

By the way, the two shields at the top of this post belong to Wonder Woman and Captain America… but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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