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The Little Hands Card Holder Helps Little Gamers Hold Big Hands

Family Games

The Little Hands Card Holder from Gamewright is a helpful little gadget that allows younger players to more easily hold onto a hand of cards without dropping, bending, or accidentally revealing them to other players.

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With many of us staying home over the holidays this year, tabletop gaming is likely to be top of many to-do lists with families gathering together to play. Smaller gamers often struggle to play games that involve holding onto a large number of cards at once – think games like Star Wars Destiny. This can result in the cards getting bent in their hands (also a risk with some adults, admittedly) which can permanently damage the game.

The Little Hands Card Holder is designed to prevent this while letting kids play more easily. The device is made from two semicircular pieces of plastic atop a curved handle. Cards are slipped between the two pieces which securely hold them in place until the player removes them. The cards can be spread out so they can be easily seen but kept facing toward the player so they are not accidentally revealed to others.

Using the Little Hands Card Holder, Image Sophie Brown
Using the Little Hands Card Holder, Image Sophie Brown

The design uses friction to keep the cards in place so there is no adhesive or other substances that could risk damaging the cards, and no clips that might puncture or bend them. It features more than enough grip to keep the cards in place, nothing ever fell out by accident while we tested ours out – even holding it upside down. However, the cards are easily pulled out when needed without any risk of them tearing due to being held in too forcefully, so you can easily rearrange the cards in your hand whenever you want to.

At less than $5, this is a must-have item for gaming families and an ideal stocking stuffer. At that price, I’d advise getting one for each small gamer in your household to make your family gaming that much easier for all this holiday season.

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