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MasterClass: Get Smarter During This Pandemic With The Experts


MasterClass hosts classes by some of the top people in various industries. Bob Iger teaches leadership, James Patterson teaches writing, Christina Aguilera teaches singing, the list goes on and on. With an array of categories, there’s hardly anything you can’t learn from a celebrity expert in the field you are looking for. And since you’re stuck home social distancing anyway, it’s a great way to spend your time so your brain doesn’t turn to mush with all that Netflix binge-watching.

The courses are beautifully filmed and the instructors don’t drone on like some of the instructors I’ve had.

A single class costs $90 but for the cost of two classes, you can get an entire year of unlimited access. And right now, current MasterClass subscribers get a code for a free year to give to a friend.

What Do I Like About MasterClass?

Binge Watch or Take My Time

The first thing I love is how the classes are presented all at once so I can dive in and binge learn or take one lesson at a time. You can also take as long as you want with a class. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been in James Patterson’s class for well over a year now…I guess this pandemic will give me a reason to jump back in.

Not Just For PC Users

You can watch MasterClass courses on numerous platforms including iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. This provides you the opportunity to take your courses with you anywhere to learn (the playground, dance class, karate class, Pokemon League, etc…).

Online Community

I appreciate is the online community environment that is provided for each course. This allows you to ask questions and make comments with others taking the same class. Some classes, like James Patterson’s course, have a Facebook group as well. James Patterson actually ran a contest in his class and the winner worked with him on one of his novels. How freaking cool is that?

Course Materials

I genuinely appreciate the class materials. These are invaluable tools to use during the class and gives it an extra touch that makes it feel like a real in-person class.

Quick Lists

The final thing I like is the Quick Lists option. This enables you to pick a skill you want to hone in on and it takes the individual classes from the various courses available and makes you a sort of playlist. For example, for Performance Review, you get videos by Steve Martin, Shonda Rhimes, Samuel L. Jackson, Hans Zimmer, and Thomas Keller.

Who Benefits From These Courses?

MasterClass Course Categories \ Image: MasterClass Website
MasterClass Course Categories Image: MasterClass Website

If I were to put an age on the course material, my gut tells me to tell you 16 and up. In reality, though, I think my 14-year-old could handle some of the subjects.

Overall, I’m very happy to be a MasterClass subscriber. The course selection just seems to keep growing and the talent they bring in just keeps getting better. I mean, seriously, whoever thought they could take an acting course from Nick Fury himself? Or directing from a super successful director like Ron Howard? The courses keep you engaged and since you can watch them on your schedule, they fit right into anyone’s day/week.

MasterClass costs $90 for a single course or $180 for a 12-month membership. For more information, check them out.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review subscription to use for this review.

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