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Celebrate Wonder Woman Day with a Giveaway

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I have been holding on to this prize for what feels like the longest time. It is a signed copy of the Nicola Scott variant cover of Wonder Woman #750 (the special celebration issue), exclusive to Kings Comics in Sydney, Australia. To celebrate Wonder Woman Day, we have one (1) and only one copy to giveaway to a lucky GeekMom reader.

What Took You So Long?!?

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2020 has been a bit of A Year. However, this so-called “year” started a little earlier for some of us.

Nicola Scott and yours truly are both located in Australia. Unfortunately, Australia was hit by the worst bushfire season in history. To be completely honest, it started in October 2019, with the peak of burning and media coverage hitting in January 2020. By the time the rest of the world realized what was happening in Australia, we were already three-months deep in burnt land and heavily smoke-filled skies.

February 2020 brought flash flooding to areas still recovering from fire damage. March 2020 brought COVID-19 and I think we all caught up with each other from there. It has never really stopped and for many in the entertainment and publishing industries, the uncertainty has been exhausting.

For comic book creators, the ride has been especially tumultuous. Conventions and special events have been closing all over the place; some have been replaced with ‘virtual events’ but the success rate for these has been hazy at best. The release of Wonder Woman #750 was originally planned to be a huge event across hundreds of comic book stores around the world. Here in Australia, Scott was planning to attend a big signing event at Kings Comics. One to outshine the previous parties for Superman and Batman.

And then it too was cancelled.

nicola scott FCBD2019
The last time I saw a Nicola Scott in the wild – FCBD 2019

To say that it’s been hard on the entertainment industry has been an understatement. During various lockdowns, many of us soaked up the streaming services and downloaded the digital comics and ebooks. Anything to fill the void and keep a grasp on some semblance of sanity. While all of this was happening, entertainment contracts were crumbling. Comics have been cancelled; cinemas emptied. It has been so important to stay safe and I will never begrudge the decision to do so. But while we are all seeking whatever entertainment we can find for the cheapest price possible, our creative industry has been struggling to survive.

Lockdown has continued and in many places around the world, it is about to amp up again due to second and third spikes. I am not going to be arrogant enough to say “we are all in this together” because, in all honesty, we aren’t. This is affecting each of us in different ways around the world. However, this doesn’t stop us from remembering other people are experiencing this along with us. Some people are coping great. Others feel like they are being left behind. And if at any time you are able to gain some peace from creative types in our entertainment industry, please remember to support them in return. 

Wonder Woman #750 – Celebration Issue

At first, we had planned on this giveaway to tie in with the release in March 2020. Unfortunately, it was super difficult navigating postal services, weather patterns, COVID-19 lockdowns, and simply life in general.

By the time the signed copy arrived on my desk, we had decided to hold on to the giveaway until the release of Wonder Woman 1984, to celebrate going to the movies again.

Yeah, that’s not happening either.

So, today is Wonder Woman Day. Wednesday, October 21. Today we celebrate the very first appearance of Wonder Woman in All Star Comics #8, back in 1941. Today is definitely a good day to remind ourselves of everything Wonder Woman stands for.

She is love. She is faith. She is strength. She is courage, even in the face of danger. She is doing the right thing for all, even if we are not comfortable doing it for ourselves. She is forgiveness. She is not putting up with any more crap. She is punching Nazis and supporting the downtrodden. 

The collection of stories in Wonder Woman #750 captures all of this, and then some. Scott’s variant cover encapsulates it further, presenting every Wonder Woman over the years and her growth over time. 

Wonder Woman #750 Giveaway

For a chance to win this signed copy of Wonder Woman #750, all you have to do is complete the entry form below AND leave a comment below, telling us one positive thing you have seen come out of 2020. Something that celebrates Wonder Woman Day. Something Wonder Woman would be proud of. However, this is not a competition of skill: the winner will be chosen completely at random. Your comment is simply another way to spread some Wonder Woman love in what has otherwise been A Year.

{But you DO have to complete the entry form}

Big thanks go to Kings Comics for providing us with the giveaway copy of Wonder Woman #750 (Nicola Scott variant cover). If you are interested in Scott’s matching variant covers for the Superman celebration issue and Batman celebration issue, check out the back catalogue on Kings Comics’ website here. They cater for all comic book fans; far and wide, young and old. 

Even bigger thanks go to Nicola Scott for providing her signature and her utmost support for GeekMom once again. Print versions of the variant cover are also available on Scott’s website, along with an amazing list of prints and commission work available. While I would recommend the triumvirate of prints (Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman) my personal favorite is the Nightwing “Temptation“, in true Scott style

Competition closes: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at Midnight (Aust Daylight Savings Time). No exceptions. Winners will be announced as an edit on this page once they have been confirmed by email contact with me, Evil Genius Mum. Competition is open internationally, however, neither GeekMom nor Evil Genius Mum can be held responsible for any interference with the mail between Australia and its destination.

EDIT: WE HAVE A WINNER!! Congratulations to Elisha G!! Keep an eye on your email; we will be in touch to confirm postal details. 

Thankyou to all of our entrants! Your comments and stories of positivity in 2020 have touched many of us here at GeekMom. Every single one has been appreciated. It has been heartwarming to see so many people contribute and share stories for us all to hold on to. Thankyou!

Happy Wonder Woman Day!!


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9 thoughts on “Celebrate Wonder Woman Day with a Giveaway

  1. Happy Wonder Woman Day! Want to know a good thing about 2020? I found out my daughter is a math whiz and can do addition of four digit numbers in her head!

  2. Thanks for doing this! I would say a good thing is that my daughter’s PE class is virtual 60% of the time, which kinds of turns a negative (part-time hybrid school) into a positive (she really doesn’t like gym), but how’s this instead…. My OTHER daughter (11) just finished two years of growing out her hair, and just donated it to Wigs for Kids. I’m so proud of her!

  3. In celebration of Wonder Woman Day, I like to say to all women who know the meaning of giving life, succeeding in what makes her unique, and to never giving up when life gets hard. THERE IS A WONDER WOMAN IN YOU!!

  4. Some wonder we’ve seen here is all my kids enjoying playing with one another, which is great since we can’t see as many friends and can’t have friends over like we used to!

  5. 2020 has been hard, especially for working moms, but I also feel that this the year that we are finally be seen for all the work that we do behind the scenes. And even more importantly, women in general are demanding more. We have all been going through a lot and our patience for things that are not benefiting us is gone.

  6. 2020 has proved we can work together to overcome even an invisible enemy. Everyone continue your good work.

  7. although 2020 has been a rough year, i’ve had many blessings!!! the biggest 1 was finding my best friend/ blood brother from elementary school…35 yrs later!!! got financial incentives and was able to get ahead with some heavy debts. i’m a nurse and I am able to give hope and motivation to many patients and family members.
    princess diana has always been a role model for me since I was 10!! she,s part of my 5 main rolemodels who made the man I am today: Jesus Christ, mother Theresa of Calcutta, St. Francis of Assissi, Gandhi and Diana. all are pacifists: but diana taught me sometimes u need to use some force to push a point across! I was sent to mans world to be an encourager!!! and ive kept my mission since accepting it as a teen!! I had a rough time growing up and my role models saw me through!! i’ve been told by many to write a bio…lol. to inspire others onward with my example.

    we can all do wonders when given a chance!!!

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