October Calls for Art Challenges


Fall is here. One of my favorite parts of fall is all of the internet art-focused challenges available to participate in. Especially now in this time of COVID, I find it helps my mental health to make some of these art challenges part of my self-care. Here are some of the art challenges which caught my attention this fall for possibilities to stretch my creative brain. The premise is fairly straightforward: Find a list of prompts that are interesting, draw following the prompts for each day, post a photo of the artwork on social media, and hashtag it with the name of the prompt list and the year of the challenge.

My gateway experience into October art challenges was one of the better-known ones. Inktober has become one of the biggest art challenges but has lost a number of participants in the past couple of years

My oldest minion is going to take part in Goretober this year. Posts in this challenge range from cartoony blood to realistic carnage. I have seen and loosely followed this tag on social media for the past three years but it has probably been around longer.

Kattober is the prompt list I will probably be following.  The prompt list was provided by a lovely artist in Sweden who has many geeky art videos on their youtube channel. This is different than Catober which also has my attention since it is all about furry felines. 

Brushwarriors has put together a very comprehensive list of other art challenges. Many of them are Halloween/Fall themed if that is more where your interests fall. While looking at other months with art challenges, I noticed Smaugust which provides a month of dragon drawing prompts. Another fairly popular art challenge is MerMay. It is always enjoyable to follow Brian Kesinger and Tom Bancroft during this month to see their contributions. 

I am so excited at all of the drawing possibilities for this October. I can’t wait to see what everyone posts!

What are your favorite art challenges?

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