MixTiles App \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Mixtiles – 8×8 Framed Photos Right From Your Phone

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MixTiles Hanging \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Mixtiles Hanging \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Mixtiles is a new photo app that lets you purchase 8×8 framed photos right from your phone (Android or iOS) with just a few taps.

At $12 each plus shipping, that’s not a bad deal on a framed photo.

You have five framing options to choose from:

  • Edge – Goes all the way to the edge, no framing
  • Clean – White frame, no mat
  • Ever – White frame with white mat
  • Bold – Black frame with no mat
  • Classic – Black frame with white mat
MixTiles Backing \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Mixtiles Backing \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

On the back of each Mixtile is an adhesive that allows you to peel and stick your tile how you want it on your wall. It’s none abrasive, so it won’t damage your walls, and you can peel and stick several times before it wears out.

My Experience

MixTiles App \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Mixtiles App Steps. Greyed out images do not meet the minimum requirements to order a MixTile. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

It took me all of five minutes to go from downloading the app to selecting my photos to check out. The app greyed out any photos that were not up to the minimum 800×800-pixel resolution. I liked that feature because it prevented me from purchasing something that wouldn’t look good when received.

The app allowed me to zoom in and center my photos to my liking, which is another nice feature.

When I received my tiles, they were properly packaged and the quality of the finished photo was what I had expected.

I have concrete brick walls and the adhesive stuck to them just fine. I also put a couple on my wall at work (your standard painted wall) and they went on without an issue.

Yay or Nay?

I’d have to say this is a yay overall. The process was simple, to the point. No frills. No upselling. Just pick your photos, checkout, and wait for the final product.

And while Mixtiles are supposed to work on most wall surfaces, if you find that it doesn’t work on your wall you can reach out to customer support for a refund.

I can see this being a nice inexpensive gift for the family during the holidays or even birthdays or anniversaries.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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