Marvel's Black Widow: Bad Blood, Image Serial Box

‘Marvel’s Black Widow: Bad Blood’: Episodes 3 – 4 Recap and Review

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Marvel's Black Widow: Bad Blood, Image Serial Box
Marvel’s Black Widow: Bad Blood, Image Serial Box

Two weeks ago, I introduced the new Black Widow novel Bad Blood, a serialized novel that will be released in a new episode/chapter every week on Serial Box.

Today I’m recapping and reviewing episodes three and four – beware of mild spoilers for all episodes so far.

At the end of chapter two, we left Natasha at Bruce Banner’s laboratory attempting to discover what had been done to her during her recent blackout. As we open chapter three, she is coming to terms with the knowledge that nothing was injected or otherwise put into her – something was taken out instead. Natasha’s blood may be the key to unlocking the secrets of the Red Room and creating more widows, something she has always vowed to prevent, so it’s down to Natasha to find out who grabbed her and put a stop to their plans.

To stop her attackers, Natasha needs support from another super-soldier who understands the real danger behind her situation and she turns to Bucky Barnes – the Winter Soldier – but when Bucky doesn’t answer her call, she begins to fear that someone might have gotten to him as well.

Chapter three allows us to spend time with spy Natasha, as opposed to the action hero Natasha we saw in chapter one, as she attempts to track down Bucky with the help of a young boy and a stray dog. As much as I love seeing (and reading about) Natasha in a fight, there’s something I love even more about watching her slide seemingly effortlessly into a situation and extract all the information she needs without ever having to ask. Because of that, chapter three easily ended up becoming my favorite part of the story so far.

Chapter four gives us a bit more action and gives us one of Natasha’s most unusual weapons to date, but still remains firmly on the spy side of her many-faceted personality. We get some answers, but even more questions – as it should be – and the chapter left me with a burning desire to plow straight on and find out what will happen next as Nat continues her journey. It’s great to see this version of the Marvel universe slowly unfolding as the story progresses and we get to learn more about Natasha’s past while she pushes forward on her mission.

I’m already excited to carry on reading Marvel’s Black Widow: Bad Blood and can’t wait for the next chapter. Look out for my recap and review of episodes five and six coming soon.

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