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Photo: GoPro
Photo: GoPro

If you’re like most families who have pets living in their midst, there will be a package or two for Fido under the tree. At the very least he will have his own paw print covered stocking. This year you can add something fun to the standard chew toys and fluffy beds. There’s a new pet accessory on the market that is a must have for year long fun.

It’s called Fetch and it’s basically a mount that allows your dog to film his point of view on your family’s GoPro camera. GoPro had so many of its customers rigging up harnesses to hold their cameras onto their pets that they decided to do us all a favor and just design one that is easy to use, very washable, and comfortable for even the most spastic puppy.

You’ve probably seen the crazy video of Chicken the dog chasing a stick on the beach (it played during the Super Bowl this year). That footage was captured by mounting the camera to the stick. Imagine how cool that same scene would be if we could see Chicken’s perspective.

Fun on the beach Photo: GoPro
Fun on the beach. Photo: GoPro

I got a sneak peak of  Fetch at the GoPro Mountain Games in June and it was obvious this was the next best mount GoPro could offer. My teens couldn’t wait for it to hit the market, so they could try it on our pound puppy. Check out this promotional video that shows how easy it will be to rig up your dog, no matter what size he is, and how interesting it will be to see a glimpse into his world.

A few weeks ago I told you about one of the new versions of the GoPro, that I call the Family GoPro. It’s all the same quality that GoPro has offered all along, but with a family friendly price ($129) and streamlined usage features. If you were considering picking up a new GoPro for the holidays, don’t forget to add on a mount that will make filming with the new camera twice as fun.

I can just imagine all the kids who will open up their new GoPro camera on Christmas morning (or Hanukkah night) and spend the rest of the week ignoring all their other “toys” while they make exciting movies of their own adventures and those shared with their pets. This is one holiday gift that won’t be tossed aside by New Year’s Day. Whether you strap it to your dog, goat, sheep, or really patient cat, the footage will be fun to watch all year. And if you happen to have a pet pig, like pro surfer Kai Holt, the Fetch will work for him too. Just check out this video footage.

Kama, the surfing pig Photo: GoPro
Kama, the surfing pig. Photo: GoPro

Disclaimer: For ease of writing, the pronoun “he” was used to describe family pets but in not way excludes all the fabulous pets of the female variety.

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