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Alice turned 3 this weekend. We couldn’t have a party as we had planned, so we had asked her about a week ago what she wanted to do for her birthday. There were 3 things she wanted. 1) A strawberry birthday cake with strawberry frosting. 2) Presents and decorations. 3) A surprise party.

Strawberry cake? No problem. I made a strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese buttercream. I pureed strawberries, cooked the water out of them, and added it to the batter and the frosting. I had some strawberry chocolate (seriously, tastes JUST like fresh strawberries) and whipped up a ganache to pour over the cake. Done! And of course, pink sprinkles. We’re on a pink kick apparently.

Presents and decorations. Check. She wouldn’t tell us what kind of presents she wanted, or decorations. She just wanted those things. Okie dokie then. We got her a water table, a LeapFrog book that she can read with a fancy pen thingie, a measuring tape shaped like a frog, and Blaze and the Monster Machines cars. Awesome! We added in some balloons and Blaze hanging decorations. Not too shabby for pandemic birthday decor.

Surprise party… well, luckily for us, Alice doesn’t know when her birthday is! Unluckily for us, she’s grumpy when she wakes up. And somehow we forgot that. When she awoke on Saturday, we yelled “Surprise!” and Alice cried about how she wanted her blanket and teddy and to sit and watch cartoons. So… SUCCESS!

We ate pizza and cake. We played with her new toys. We watched Happy Birthday videos sent to Alice from all around the world. It was glorious.

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