Exclusive Preview: ‘Forgotten Home #7:’ Family Tragedies

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Forgotten Home #7

As the story of Forgotten Home nears its end, a Forgotten Home #7  preview of the comic to be released on April 29th shows a glimpse into how past trauma informs the present. The whole series flips the trope of “heading to a magical dimension to become a savior” in that our matriarch, the Queen, insists on complete and total devotion to her war.

The Queen’s focus on revenge and violence had cascaded down to her daughter, Lorraine, even after she fled the dimension to become a different person, and raise her half-human daughter to a better fate. Instead, Lorraine was caught up in the wars on Earth, and was somewhat of an absentee mother to her now-teenage daughter.

In Forgotten Home #7, they’re both in the magical dimension now, with Lorraine hoping to prevent the war, while her daughter has been influenced by the Queen to fight on her side. Somehow, in the next two issues, to survive, Lorraine’s going to have to throw off her family trauma, stop her mother, and save her daughter.

There’s a perfect example of the artwork, by Markia Cresta, in this Forgotten Home #7 preview, as Lorraine remembers the horrors of war on Earth. The lines are clean, realistic, showing impending doom, and nice symbolism as a toy truck (childhood?) is crushed under wheels. The explosion, when it comes, it horrific and eye-popping. I love the cut to the granddaughter, showing what the impact of her choice of violence is having on her life and past.

If you haven’t checked out Forgotten Home on Comixology, I highly recommend it. GeekMom will be running an interview with writer Erica Schultz next week.

Hope you enjoy the Forgotten Home #7 preview.

Happy reading and stay safe.

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