Forgotten Home #6

Exclusive Preview: Comixology Original “Forgotten Home #6”

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Forgotten Home, a Comixology original by writer Erica Schultz, artist Marika Cresta, and colorist Matt Emmons, began with Army Veteran and Sheriff’s Deputy Lorraine Adalet investigating a string of child abductions in rural Montana after her own teenage daughter became a victim.

In this exclusive preview of Forgotten Home #6, out on March 4 at, the story is moving to a climax, as the full scope of what Lorraine and her daughter have gotten into is revealed. Yes, not only is the teenage Joanna a royal princess in a fantasy kingdom but, more, so is her mother, Lorraine, and they’re on opposite sides of the struggle.

From the description of Forgotten Home #6 on the Comixology home page:

Lorraine still reels from Joanna’s decision to side with the Queen, but finds her purpose helping the Resistance. Rani struggles with Joanna’s leadership style as some of the children under her command just want to go home.

That doesn’t quite do the series justice, as mother and daughter make decisions that set up a full-on battle in the next issue. I’ve been sleeping on this series but I’ve caught up this week. I highly recommend it, especially because of the mother-daughter connection and conflict.

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