To Boldly Find Your Keys: Star Trek KeySmart Pro


When it comes to everyday objects, I’ve always enjoyed my geek gear on the understated side — useful, aesthetic, with a touch of nerd flair to bring it home. The Star Trek KeySmart Pro ticks all of the boxes, utilizing the established KeySmart Pro functionality of compact organization in an attractive fiery hue, with stylized images of Captain Picard, a Starfleet logo, and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D adding a subtle accent. Worked into the background are several Picardian sayings, including “Make it so!” and “Tea, Earl Grey, hot.” The artwork is, on the one hand, all-in and over the top, and on the other, very tasteful. It’s a good look. There is also a version geared for fans of the Original Series; that design is less to my personal taste, but your mileage may vary. Functionally, they are the same, operating as any device in the KeySmart Pro line.

The smaller profile of a KeySmart Pro compared with a loose key ring is very nice, even taking into account I’ve still got a massive fob for my car hanging off of it. I also need to maintain a couple keys on a ring — primarily, keys to my and my kid’s bike locks —  due to plastic construction at their base. But there’s no question there’s a lot less bulk than there had been when some ten-fifteen keys fought for space amongst a series of interlocking rings. If it was your practice, as it was with me, to find the right key by splaying everything out with a flick of the wrist to display all options, the KSP does require a bit more finesse. It took some getting used to, rotating the desired key out according to its position amidst the set. But it was nice not having to ever fumble out a key that had become stuck awkwardly within a ring. 

Aside from its compact form and stylish design flourishes, the Star Trek KeySmart Pro features a built-in flashlight and a can opener, which fits in one of the key slots. Something I hadn’t anticipated, but was a nice bonus, is the KeySmart Pro’s integration with the Tile app. Once synced with Tile, all it takes to find your keys is pinging the KSP from the app and listening for the chime. Sadly (or not), no, the chime is not the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme. 

These devices also feel very sturdy, which is great for a daily use item. The website touts the KeySmart Pro’s construction of “aircraft-grade aluminum,” so theoretically they can also double as spare parts for your private jet. (Not included.) 

In short, these are well-made, practical devices that also look cool as hell. If you’ve ever wanted to just finally, for god’s sake, get your key game in order while also showing off your undying admiration for Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew, the Star Trek KeySmart Pro is a solid buy. It’s available from for $59.99, the same price as standard KSP organizers. 

Disclaimer: KeySmart Pro provided me with their Star Trek:TNG-branded device to make this review so, but had no input on the review. 

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